Friday, July 11, 2014

Puppetry 101

So the last few months my son has been obsessed with Jim Henson and all things puppetry. I think its awesome, but I know so little about how to make puppets so I wasn't sure how to indulge him.

Kellie over at "Give A Girl A Blog" posted an adorable project for a pom pom puppet and we had to try it out. It was a fun Instructables tutorial.

So, as adorable as it was, I found that because hot glue was used, my son wasn't able to really participate (and for good reason...I am now missing 2 fingerprints.....).

However, it was friggen adorable when done.

So next, I wanted to do something Noah could actually make. That was the point of our craft time together. I had also seen this tutorial on pinterest, so we got to work. 

Noah decided that he wanted to make a tiger with 4 legs, so we did just that. When it came time for me to make it into a puppet, though, it became clear very quickly that the tutorial didn't account for a body with the strings. So, for now, we will just play with him as a toy and figure out how best to make him a marionette. 

I had Noah draw a tiger face and cover the toilet paper tube in construction paper. He used fuzzy pipe cleaners to create the stripes on his back and we used pom poms and washers for his feet.

Noah loved him so much that he wanted to brush his teeth before bed. So cute. 

It was fun to get back to crafting with Noah again. Hope you are inspired to get crafting with your little munchkin too. 

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