Saturday, July 12, 2014

Crafty Space Tour

So, I kinda have a hard time with my crafting space. I am super thankful for it, however, sometimes I wish it was an actual craft room where things didn't have to be in crates and totes. And then I remember that I used to craft out of a small under stair closet and my living room floor. I have come a long way, baby!

So, I decided that I would give you a "tour" of where the magic happens.

Here is a quick video. I was interrupted so cut it kind of short, but so is life as a wife and mom and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So here is the view from my hallway. I really like the french doors. I can pull up the shades and get good light in the early afternoon. Helps since I swear I am going blind. My husband makes fun of me because I need so much light all of the time. Note the extra double lamp as well.
 The dresser I got off the side of the road in my neighborhood. Back when I would run almost every day I ran by this house and it was at the side of the road, covered in spider webs and dirt and grossness. I shudder to think what was on it. I asked the guy if I could have it and he said, of course! I was so stoked that I cut my run short and went back home and got my husband and my van and brought it home. I bleached it and scrubbed it and now I have an awesome storage unit.

The box on top is from Hobby Lobby and is made to hold the cricut and/or silhouette or whatever die-cutting machine you may have. This one houses my cricut, my cuddlebug, and my cartridges.
On the top left, you see that lunchbox? Here are my copics. Every copic I own fits perfectly in this box and I love that I can store them flat. It is death to a copic to store it upright, in my opinion. 
 So the top drawer of my dresser houses my Smash*books. Most of them woefully incomplete, but that's okay. Each in its own time. (incidentally, see that card on the top by the ponies? My son made that for his best friend for when she returns from her family vacation.)
 This next drawer I used to house my design team stuff, but I am done with that team so it will go through a makeover. For now, though, scrap paper and 6 x 6 pads of paper, a box of precut cards and envelopes, design team stamps and other items live in this drawer.
 THIS drawer holds my WASHI tape! I really love the plastic containers I found at walmart. I can't find a photo online, but they are clear, flat containers with different shaped sections in them. I will try to take one out and photograph it another time, but I kinda love em.
So THIS came from Lowes, and its awesome. I am so lucky. My hubbs bought this for me last year for our wedding anniversary. I love it. Its so great for so many of my fun crafting supplies.  
 I keep my memento inks and embossing powders and stickles and the like in this drawer. I like that when I open it I can see everything. I find that if I can't readily see my items I am not inspired to use them as often which results in needless spending.
 This next drawer I have my larger ink pads organized by color as well as my copic refulls, mists and watercolor crayons and pastels. again, all where I can easily access them.
 The last drawer is about to undergo some work, as is the top portion of this storage unit which I am not showing you because it is just a random mess of items that need to be put into the correct place. Anyway, this drawer is for my thickers and letter stickers. They are in folders, but its not a perfect system, so soon I will revise it.
I hope this shows you how you can use whatever you have. My dining room is shared with myself, my son and husband, our cat and dog as well as it is being used for storage currently (did you see the pink sheet covering the totes?) However, it all works and is accessible. I know it won't always be this way. Someday we will move on and move into our final home and have all the space we want/need, but for now I will be thankful for my little space. 

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