Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Finger Painting

So, I think I told you all about how inspiring Dina Wakely is and how excited I have been to get more into mixed media and the like.

Today, I was reminded, that Dina I am not. However, i learned a lot from the experience and I will keep this page to remind me of those things.

So, the first thing I did was use this electric pink paint I wanted to try that was on clearance at Hobby Lobby (no hate letters, please. I KNOW they are doing controversial things, however they are the ONLY store that carries what I it is).

This paint is actually block printing ink. Its thick, and when I say thick, I mean like....almost gelatinous. The color, however, is FANTASTIC!

At first, I tried to spread it with my brush, but very quickly realized my fingers were going to be my best bet. FINGER PAINTING!!!!! After I finger painted, I kind of let it dry for just a bit to see what else I wanted to do. I had no plan at this point other than PINK. 

I decided to see what would happen if I used a stamp that I carved from an eraser and stamped it (bare, no ink) into the partially dry paint. The result was this fun pattern/texture! The sideways triangle/chevron-like pattern all over the page. I also dripped and spritzed some of my tattered angels chalkboard mist all over. 

STILL had no plan at this point. There was so much pink it was almost burning my eyes! lol SAVE me from the PINK! After that, I just winged it. Target had some bright colored tags with a boston terrier on them in their clearance section a long time ago and I thought he would be the perfect addition. Not really sure why. 
After that? I was stumped. I think I have over-created this week. The creative juices have run dry and my brain is fried. I used my star stencil and some more Studio G chalk based pigment ink and went crazy, and then again with the Heidi Swapp gold mist. I pooled it up and let it run down the page. 

Again I was stumped. What is wrong with my brain?!?! (AGAIN, no nasty notes. I KNOW already, lol). Then I remembered that fantastic Dr. Seuss quote, "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you." It was PERFECT!!! 

After that it all started to flow. I found a camera by Uprintables by Rebecca and slapped that puppy on, used some of my fun cosmo cricket phrases and got out another of my home made chevron stamps and stamped with black paint and added black micro-glitter. For final touches the paint pen came in handy. 

It wasn't at all what I have envisioned, and in the end I made a lot of mistakes based off of not really thinking through to the end result. You should note that if paint is not 100% dry, mod podge will smear that color everywhere and result in a muddied mess. Also, with this paint, too much mod podge takes you right back to the base color white. Peels the stuff right off. Also, for some reason painters pens splurt? Like so the white splotches are from that. I just shook the pen and there it went. NUTS. And, lastly. Only put glitter where you want it cause when stuff is a tacky muddled mess, it will stay where its put. ::sigh:: 

HOWEVER. I really do like mostly the outcome and am keeping it to remind me of all of those things that I learned as well as the pleasant surprises you can learn when you just try something new. 

So, here is to learning and growing! CHEERS!

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