Thursday, July 17, 2014

Field Notes

So today, I decided to finally take Noah down to the nature area at Edwin Warner park in Nashville. He loved going there on a field trip last year and has begged and begged to go back. Since that strange cool front came through this week it was the perfect time.

It was GORGEOUS out there and all of the wild flowers were in full bloom. Huge June bugs, bumble bees, dragon flies and butterflies were out in full force.

We were in heaven! Noah was a trooper and we hiked all over, stopped and too pictures and was the dream day out doors. No rush, no fuss, no whining (HALLELUJAH!).

So, among the tons of photos that I took I was really inspired to get painting with these two when I got home.

I got out my paints, gesso'd a page and got to work! I haven't really painted since I was a kid. Don't really consider myself a painter, but lately all I want to do is paint!

 All I used is walmart acrylic paint and cheap different sized paint brushes. Oh, and fingers. Lots of finger painting. How else was the background going to happen??
I seriously can't believe that came out of me. Like, seriously. Musta been some kinda craziness happenin!!

So, I got out my Balzer Designs stencil and a couple of other texture things I have laying around, used some Heidi Swapp gold mist and some circles created with paint and the bottom of the mist bottle. Got out my white paint pen and went crazy with some dots, journaled and this was the result.

Just a close up of the flower and butterfly with all of the shine and dots. 
I can't wait to see what else might be lurking in the back of my artistic side! I did go through a few renditions of the background. You can see the horrid black smudge with dots got painted over in lieu of a more open airy feel.

Hope you are inspired! 

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  1. Beautiful! I love seeing a blank page come to life with color!!!