Saturday, July 11, 2015

Earring Book

So, I got my ears pierced a year ago and since the I have kinda gone a little nutty over earrings. They are just one more way that I am able to express my geeky self. However, I have lost and/or ruined a few pairs of my non dangling earrings because I had nowhere to properly store them and keep them organized.

I finally stumbled on an idea on pinterest and jumped on it. An earring book made out of felt and fabric. I am not convinced I am finished with it, but its going to work for the time being.

My friend, Norma, sent me some cute fabric and I figured this was a good project to use some on.

I used very stiff felt under the fabric and then sewed it to the front and back cover. I wanted it to be stiff enough to not collapse.

For the pages I used some nice felt. I plan to back it with more fabric and stiff felt but for tonight this is what I have going on and for the first time all of my stud earrings are in one place!! (well I am missing one still). There are still a few more pages in the book, but didn't want to be redundant with the pics. I messed up with the way I sewed the pages, but I plan to put stiff felt in the spine as well.

It was super easy to make once I thought it through. Sometimes I overthink things and not look at it as simply as I should. I am excited...and might need a few more earrings. ;)

Friday, July 3, 2015


I got to craft with  my friend Kristy today!! I can't believe it! It was so good to hang out and get creative again! She just moved into a new home and finally has a craft room of her own. She asked me to make something to hang in her new craft room. I love this prima stamp. She might be one of my favorites ever. 

I did not use any of my sprays or acrylic paints this time. I primed this chip board with white gesso. I gave it a pretty thick layering. I wanted the colors to pop off the page. Added a crumpled dictionary page for texture, used texture paste with stencils for texture....and then went crazy with the gelatos! 

 Tricked out with some chipboard stickers from studio g and some quotes from Heidi Swapp.
 I love this color combo on the prima doll.She came together very quickly.  I love that the gelatos perfectly matched the papers!! I am a bug about matching!

I hope that Kristy enjoys this doll and that inspires her to keep on creating!!! Happy crafting, all!!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kung Fu Fighting

So, Noah is in Martial Arts with Ernie Reyes World Martial Arts and he has been doing so well. It is the first thing he has really taken an interest in outside of Legos and video games, haha. So, we went for it.

Since he has been in almost a year, I thought it was time to get a book started so that he can keep his certificates safe, but also see his progression when he looks back.

In true form, I scrapped some pics in his book cause that is all I know how to do. I can't NOT decorate a me, I have tried.

Noah is now a green belt so this book will be around for awhile so I am hoping that he will continue along and be a black belt and then be able to look back  see how much he has grown and how far he has come!! I am so proud of him !!