Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smash*ing January

I am so happy! I have completed my January section in my 365 Smash* journal! It was so fun and I srsly am excited to start February!

This first one I posted already, but it is part of the January package. Just a spread of my hopes and plans for the new year.

This page is the saga of my husband and I being sick for WEEKS after Christmas. Ending with nasty pneumonia. Ugh. I am SO glad to be back on top. It was awful. 

This page is just about our weather and peaceful weather it has been....though, tonight we are supposed to get tornadoes. Not sure why its in the 70s in January in TN?!?

A fun page of my son and his cousins at a birthday party, and me and Noah goofing off while we were bowling! January has been FUN!

I am SO excited! We are finally painting our bedroom and covering the hideous terracotta color and replacing it with a cool, calm color. New curtains and a wall hanging too! WOO!!!!
This last page is about the circus we went to the other day. My son was enthralled with every part of the circus, and I was relieved at the lessened animal exploitation. It was an adventure and good memories!   
Hope you enjoyed my journey through January! 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

My cute little eskimo.

So, this year, my son's school is having a social studies fair, and his class is studying the Arctic Inuit tribe. He is loving it! For their fair, the chicklets are to dress up in Inuit costumes. I love making costumes for Noah, so this was fun for me!

I went to one of our local second hand stores and found a woman's coat that looked like suede and fur (fake, of course) for $4.25, and a pair of women's dress pants that were a similar color. I was hoping to be able to cut them up and make them smaller, but it didn't work out.

I made a pattern for the size of the top with some tissue paper and a shirt that is comfy and a little bigger on Noah. 
I cut up the coat and sized it down. I took out the sleeves so they could be sized down as well.  I cut off the bottom cuff of the sleeves and they were perfect for making the fur anklets I wanted to make for his boots/pants.

I cut up the coat and sized it down. I took out the sleeves so they could be sized down as well.  I added trim down the front and across the bottom as well.  
My darling husband made a fuzzy hood from the left over bottom portion of the coat. He stuffed poly fill into the fur so that it would stand up more. I am so thankful for his help! I couldn't have made such a nice hood!

We decided to just go with a pair of khaki pants for the bottom portion of the costume. It looks better than I thought! Add some snow boots and fur bootie covers and you have a lil eskimo!
RAWER! He loves his bear paws. (no, I didn't make them...they are toys)
And, of course, with the polar bears.  
So now, I can rest easy and know my son is ready for his social studies fair next month. My next project? Securing enough milk jugs from Starbucks to help his teacher make an igloo! Hope you enjoyed! I do apologize for the quality of the first few pix. Cell phone. Need I say more?

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today, I made a card! Its been ages since I have made a card, so it took me quite awhile to get it how I wanted it, but in the end, I really like the final product.

This card is for the Saturated Canary challenge. Their theme this time around is, Movies. It helps that Saturated Canary has several movie themed images to choose from.

For this card I used "Rose Red" and the movie, of course, being Snow White and the Huntsman. I liked that movie, despite the use of Kristen Stewart. Haha. Not a fan. ANYwho. I hope you enjoy this card! I really enjoyed coloring Rose Red. :)

Hope you enjoy this part of my day. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aprons, Aprons

I pretty much lovemaking aprons. All kinds. Just love em. Srsly. So when a dear friend of mine sent me this link, I just had to make her one. I love finding fabrics at Goodwill. This fabric was so bright and fun. Not bad for 2 dollars. :)

This apron was fun and easy to make. Any beginner seamstress would be able to make this cutee.

Hope you love it, dear friend! 

Hope you all have a "terrific Tuesday" as my son's teacher says!

Saturday, January 12, 2013


No really. I feel like I am wild or something. I have been sick for a week-and-a-half and am waiting for the pneumonia to clear up. I haven't crafted or done much of anything in ages. I am tired and want to move ON past January. DONE.

So, to show my defiance I managed to make my son's Valentines for school. Instead of taking Noah to the store with the overwhelming choices, we chose some off of Pinterest. Much more low key. My son has a hard time deciding on themes for things.

So I found Design Mom's Valentine post and Noah loved it. So I printed her free downloads and went to the store (before illness) and today I put them together. It was easy and I love that there is no sugar involved. I think other mom's might agree, hehe.
He had fun choosing which friend would get which animal. I think I will go the home-made route for valentines from now on. Its just....nice...its a lost art.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic January. If you are well, be sure to stay that way at all costs. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Smash*Tastic New Year!

So I have many goals for this new year. All very much attainable. One of them? To actually BLOG more. Cause....yeah. I REALLY let that go last year, and I miss the blog-o-sphere.

So, on this second day of 2013 I managed to start my Smash*365. Super excited about it! Can't wait to see what this year brings.

I really love the pages in this book and I hope I do them justice this year!! Here is the first Smash* of my year!

Happiest of New Years to all of my crafty buds out there! Hoping its full of happiness and laughter for you all! I know we could all use it!