Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Feeling Elfish

So the favorite Christmas movie in our household is Elf. Nary a day goes by without one or another of Buddy's "elfisims" coming out of one mouth or another around here. My lil guy asked me to make him an elf hat and I promised I would try.

I used felt I found in my stash and doubled it up to make it stiffer so it would stand up. For the pattern, I used a dollar store elf hat we got for Noah this weekend.

Without further ado, here it is! Noah loves it! I surprised him at school with it and he has been wearing it since we left the school. He even let me take pictures!
Oh, our Reindeer is our dog, Owen. Doesn't he look thrilled? Haha! 
Happy Christmas thoughts to you all!

BEFORE I GO...Make sure you check out one of my best craftie's website! She is having a birthday bash for an ENTIRE WEEK! WHAT?!? Prizes and fun for a WEEK? Check it OUT!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Stylin for the holidays

So today I went out to probably the scariest thrift store I have EVER been in in my entire life in search of some hideous sweaters for DH and I to go out and have fun one night. He gets to go to a party in a few weeks and I have other plans, so he graciously offered to take me and a couple of our friends out to go embarrass ourselves in some awful sweaters so I don't feel left out. Isn't he a sweetie? So, not only did I find this sweater (which will have to be taken in a bit!!!):
 But I also found a BUNCH of peacock feathers! Got a handful for like 10 cents! A BIG handful! WHAT? And I almost paid 99 cents each last week? Psh! Glad I waited! So I whipped up a 5 minute headband with some peacock feathers and a sweet little button. I might fill it in a bit more later, but for now, I be stylin.

I hope to be back in a day or two with some cards. Did I mention that I won the random draw over at Tickled Pink Stamps last week? (check out the snazzy button on my sidebar!) EEEP! I got a cute stamp that I am itching to color up and make something with! Can't wait to show you! 

Friday, November 18, 2011

Busy Day!

Its finally here! Thanksgiving break! Noah and I get to spend an entire week doing...doing...sheesh, how am I going to keep this kid entertained for SO MANY DAYS?

So, last night I worked on the tickled pink challenge. I haven't done cards in so long for fun, and it was great! This sketch was fab, just like tickled pink, so I had to! I bought this stamp from them awhile back and finally had a chance to use her. I got brave and did some sewing and I kinda like how it turned out.
Remember when I made the indian costume for Noah? Today was the big day! He got to wear it to school! He was SO happy to get to have Thanksgiving Appreciation Day. There were LOTS of indians...just 2 of his classmates decided to be pilgrims. It was a blast and the costume held up all day long, even if his wasn't the nicest one. Hehe. 

Oh, and remember this scarf? I totally got to wear it today. Woots! So that was my day! I hope you enjoy, and can't wait to see what the holidays have in store!! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Accessorize Yourself

Yeah, the older I get the more I LOVE accessories. Of pretty much every kind. I love em. LOVE. So, last night while DH and I were watching a movie I sat and cut up another one of those large Tshirts I bought at Goodwill the other week to alter and made this fun scarf necklace and a bangle. Even the bling on the bangle was a goodwill find. On a hideous gigantic dress. Also got an awesome zipper off that dress. Seeing some more zipper accessorizing in my future. Hehe.

Basically, cut 1.5 - 2 inch strips off the bottom of the Tshirt, stretch to make the edges roll, double over and then cover the twisted part with another piece of Tshirt and viola. 5 minute accessory. Did I mention no sewing? Yeah. Well, I did, but you can just tie. You don't have to sew.
(why am I always holding my head at that strange angle??)
For the bangle, I used more of those strips, braided and sized em down for my puny wrist, added the silver slider and poof. Instant bangle.
So anyway, Here they are, in all their glory. Lovin the purple. Can't wait to wear em somewhere! Woot!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Shirt

Yessir! I found this awesome post on Pinterest:

And me being me, headed straight to Goodwill to grab me some gigantic men's tees! I found bunches. I loved this guitar T the best, so I used it to make my new shirt.
Such an easy tutorial and such a fun project! Lots of tweaking, but joyfully, there was NO SEAM RIPPING this time! When I was done, I thought it looked a bit bare, so I added stickles to the design. We will see how they hold up in the washer. They don't usually come out when I get them on my clothes, so here's hopin!
I decided to make a fun headband to go with the shirt out of the scraps cut from the shirt. Schwing! Used this tutorial to make a quick jersey bow. SO easy peasy!
(Did I mention how SHORT the bottom of my hair is??? EEEEK)

Now the tricky matter HOW many times I tried, I couldn't get a stinkin picture of myself in this shirt! My camera is just too, meet my budding photograper:
Hope you enjoyed! I had fun makin it. I have 2 more shirts I might convert as well. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy *almost* Thanksgiving!

First, let me just say, my crafty closet is literally, a closet. Everything crafty I own is in the corner of our dining room closet...except for the material...its in the garage in a tote. Hence, the title of my blog..."Mom's Crafty Closet".

Second, I am SO glad to be blogging and crafting again! I am so inspired by all of you and can't wait to get back into the game!

So, thanksgiving is right around the corner and my now almost 5 year old preschooler is having "Thanksgiving Appreciation Day" next Friday. The catch? They need a pilgrim or Indian costume...cause, every mom just has one of those lying around. Right? What? YOU DON'T? What kind of a mom are you? ::shakes head:: Wait...I don't have one either. Rats.

Off to Goodwill and Walmart I go. No way are we paying for a costume that will be worn once. SO... $1.68 for this very bland sheet, along with a couple of dollars for some beads and feathers, and viola...everything you need for a DIY Indian..for under 5 bucks. Yes, PLEASE!
I have grandiose plans of making an outfit. Pants, shirt, shoes...the whole shebang...then, realistic-ness sinks in...Nope...not happening on these beginner sewing skills....A vest? Yes. We can do that...or a tunic. Even better.
I used Noah's vest from church as a size reference, and made it wider so he could get it on and off easier. Doubled the panels for thickness and strength. He IS a boy, after all. Used some scrap brown for fringe...turned out this was the worst possible material for fringing...spend an hour cutting frayed edges and fray checking each...and every...single...fringe....THAT is dedication, people.

Onto the headband...more scrap brown, some felt for backing so it didn't rub his head raw from the ends of the feathers. Can I just say, hot glue is a mom crafter's best friend? Glued on the feathers, (tried sewing...disaster...DISASTER), AND after about 4 attempts was able to succeed with some fancy orange zig zags. Yes, I said 4. At this point, I am thinking, if my son doesn't know I love him, he never will. Pulling out those zig zag seams 3 times was...terrible!
All in all, it was a success, and no matter what the other kids wear next Friday, my kid will be the most adorable Indian at the Thanksgiving Feast. Because I say so. :D