Saturday, August 25, 2012

What a week!!

I had a seriously awesome week, all things considered. The allergies are kicking all of our rears and making us tired and draggy, but there were some hi-lights that I have to share!!

First off, as some (or most??) of you know, I am a smash*aholic. Also, I am a member of this  awesome group run by some of the most creative and talented ladies around.

So, a couple of months ago we had sign-ups for an awesome swap called a secret sister swap and it was so fun!! I loved making and buying things for my sister and I hope she enjoyed using the items as much as I hope she will!! I had to be patient for my package, but it was worth EVERY minute of waiting. My sister was from RUSSIA! Russia is near and dear to my heart so it made it all the more special and fun when I received her package yesterday. Every item was perfect.

Also, this week, I was blessed enough to win a drawing for a Fuji Instax camera in the same Smash*aholics group. I can't believe my luck. It was once in a lifetime, I am sure. I couldn't wait to try it out when it came in the mail today. (and, of course, immediately smash about it). My first picture of my 5 year old boy relaxing on a swing with Daddy...loved his grubby summer feet. I can't wait to take more pictures. Its a learning curve, choosing your shots wisely. Back to the late 90s! ;) 
So that's what's going on in my world. Hope you all have a Smash*ing rest of the weekend!! 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scrappy Mama Scraps Again!

Man, I am SO bad at coming up with good titles for these things, haha.

So, since I discovered the joy of Smash* booking I have gotten a little (maybe a little more than a little) behind on my son's 2012 scrapbook as well as I am still working on 2011. Oi. Bad, mama. So last week and the beginning of this week I worked to get some pages done for him so that I wouldn't feel so guilty smash*ing again (see previous post).

Here they are! Some are neater than others, some are a lil on the almost girly side, but not everything can be blue and blatantly BOY. Just sayin.

 Hope you all enjoy and that maybe you were at least a little bit inspired. Have a crafty weekend!!

Smashtastical Week

Wow, it has been way too long since I have blogged. A shame too, since I have actually crafted a lot, recently. Sewing, paper crafts, and more!

First, I will show you my smash*book. I am in love with Smash*ing, and its going to be a sad day when I run out of pages in my Mod book, haha.

The first one is a page about reading. I am a book worm who grew up in a library, almost literally. My mother worked at the Library for years while I was in elementary school aiding me in reading almost every book I could get my hands on! I plan to do the second page about books as well, but ran out of time that particular day. I have gotten lots of question about the nerd girl graphic and the stamp as well. The stamp is from Saturated Canary and the nerd girl problem graphic I found on Pinterest. Here it is.
 This next page is for one of my favorites, Downton Abbey. Oh, man, I can never get enough BBC. WHY aren't there more episodes over there? Sheesh! LOL The Keep Calm quote is another I found on Pinterest, and laughed so hard at that I had to have it....and then I couldn't find it again. I think it got removed, so I made another one. And lost it on my computer. ::shakes head:: Good thing I printed it out!
Hope you all enjoy this post! I will be back later with my scrapbooking, as well as sewing. Keep calm, and smash on!