Thursday, May 31, 2012

We're men....we're men in tights....

TIGHT tights!! Easily one of my fave dumb movies of all time, lol.

This past weekend my family and I went to The Tennessee Renaissance Festival. Totally fun! While we were there, my son acquired a bow and arrow that he has been practicing with like mad. Totally loves it. So, my first thought is, the boy needs a quiver, right? So I Pinterest...duh...there are obviously NO other websites that you can find tutorials on, right?? And came up with what I thought was a pretty simple pattern. Nope...she had all the pictures....and no dimensions or actual instructions. ::facepalm:: I realized this AFTER I printed the directions and started the project. SO, I came up with my own. Its a little more snug than I would have liked around the arrows, and most def is not my best work, but Noah's face lit up like I had given him something really special, and that's all that matters. 

 Later, he says, mommy? I need a robin hood hat. Srsly? Um...Pinterest to the rescue. I actually found an AWESOME tutorial over there for a simple felt hat. Took less than 5 minutes once I scaled it to Noah's head. (side note...I fixed it to make it look better AFTER the pics...I brought the front together to make a point and it looks much more polished...but I promise, it looks better. Like...actually fits and has a button on it and every-stuffs.)
So now, he feels like he is robin hood and wants to save people from mean people. Love my kid.  I will get a pic of the updated hat tomorrow.

Also, this week, I made a cookbook for my best friend. She has so many scrummy recipes and is always acquiring more, so I wanted to give her a chic lil book to play with in th ekitchen. I used papers from recollections, and lots of studio g paper tape, my new obsession. Made altering this composition book SO much easier! I made pockets and cards to match with paperclip bookmarks to mark her favorites.

Each pocket is matched on the back and has the same things in it. Hope you enjoy this rather long post! Hugs and keep craftin! 

Friday, May 25, 2012


Yay! I was able to enter two more challenges this week! Its a record! Haha!

This first card I made was for Cupcake Crafts, "book lover". I used an image that I can't remember anything about. All I know is, its adorable and perfect for the challenge. I colored her with mostly copic markers. I also used a page ripped from a book  and some Recollections papers and other various things.
 This second card I did for Card Makin Mamas. I wanted to make a masculine card with this free image I found the other week, and I had some paper from Colorbok that matched it divinely, so of course, I had to make the card. I punched another piece of book paper for the challenge, "feeling punchy" and also cut out the word "father" from the same book.
Thanks so much for coming out! Sorry this post is sorta short. I am on my way out the door. Hugs and stay crafty!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Color Me Happy

Finally got to really break out my new Copic markers and do some coloring today. I am defiantly rusty and could use some nicer card-stock, but I am still pleased, overall, with the results. Today I decided to follow along with Carisa's "Designed To Color" challenge. This is their first ever challenge that goes right along with her amazing magazine and its thrilling to get to play.

The challenge this time around is "rolled flowers". Way to "challenge" me, Carisa! Sheesh. I finally managed to make one from paper. Its the yellow one. The biggest one is fabric, the pink one is ribbon.

The image that I used is from Saturated Canary. It was a freebie recently and I just couldn't wait to get her on a card. I colored her with a mixture of copics and bics. The paper tape I used is from Studio G, and all of my papers are from Recollections. The sentiment is from walmart years ago when I started scrapping.

Anyhow, totally loved the challenge, and can't wait for the next one. Let me know what ya think! Hugs and stay crafty!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Smas*ing good weekend

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. I was woken up to an adorable 5 year old trying to sneak into the kitchen who was very disappointed that he couldn't reach the cereal to make me breakfast. SO FREAKIN ADORABLE. Love that kid.

He also made  me a lego purse. Very chic. All the celebrities are wearing them now. ;) I was touched that he was willing to share his precious legos with me!! 
Before mother's day, though, on Saturday, I was able to get SMASH*Y! Woo!! I am not sure how I am feeling about these pages, but I had fun creating them and that's what really matters is the journey. All of the images were free on and The clips, of course, are Smash* brand, and I can't remember the brand of the pocket. The flair was from a prize I won over at Smash*aholics on Facebook. Then some randome elements. Even pleated some Target brand paper tape. Woots. Hope you enjoy! 

My Mother

So, I finally get to share this since I had to wait until AFTER mother's day. This year, I wanted to give my mother something special. Not just a book or a bauble. I wanted to give her something that made her know how much I cared for her and how much of an impact she has made on my life and still continues to. I made her a scrapbook of me and her and my growing up with her, and added some bits about growing up with her. I am kind of happy with how it turned out.

My mother taught me art and gardening, how to have an imagination, and how to be myself, and that it was okay to BE myself, no matter how much I got teased for being me. She taught me how to make clover chains, and how to pick a thistle flower without hurting myself. She taught me to love animals and nature and how to be strong. So this is a very small tribute for all she has given me.



The papers that I used were almost exclusively Colorbok, a collection I found at Walmart for 5 dollars. The chipboard elements are all from K and Company. I LOVED them. The pearl elements were G Studios, I believe, but don't quote me on that....and the letters were from K and Company as well. 

I hope you enjoyed this! It was a joy for me to create, for sure. I have missed crafting immensely since I started back to work and this book was wonderful therapy. Stay crafty, and hug your mom!