Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting one of my best girls, Heather! She's pretty talented, so you need to check her out!

I have been quite naughty this year and have focused more on our Florida scrapbook than Noah's 4 year scrapbook. He just turned 5 and literally there were 3 pages in his 4 year book. Bad mama. SO, yesterday I added 4 more pages for 3 significant events in his year. Hoping to add more this week as well.

This first set of pages was for Noah's Day Out With Thomas. It was seriously hard to edit down the number of pictures I wanted so as to make room for the tickets and such. It was a VERY fun-filled day! I decided on a simple page format to fit everything in.

This next page is my favorite of the day. The papers and the layout pretty much did themselves. I hand cut the banners (too "lazy" to get out my cricut, haha) and used some cool twine/ribbon from Christmas wrapping that reminded us of straw. This page was from when Noah and I went to the country fair.
This last page was a simple one from when Noah and his class went to Bottom View Farms. Again, major editing had to happen. There were so many cute pictures, so I edited it to simple!
If anyone is interested, I might do a post with my Florida book. For it being a last minute, 48 hour total trip, it filled up almost an entire book! I still have like 2 pages left! Anyhow, hope you enjoy! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Remember this post?  I have drawn the winner using! The winner is:  Colleen!! Please email email me at: with your address and I will send you your headband! Thanks for playing with us!

Monday, December 5, 2011


First, I am so honored to be posting for one of my sweetest, most talented, crafty peeps, Ms. Lizzie. I wish her the happiest, craftiest birthday!!

My project is a DIY comic inspired headbands I have seen around on pinterest and other places. The first time I ever saw any of these I immediately thought of Lizzie. 

 Here is a link to a few that I have seen:

These are made with embroidery machines...that's great....but I don't have one. What's a girl to do? I decided to make one with felt. Fabulous felt. I just can't get enough. 

So, I plied my needle and whipped up a few of my own. One for lizzie...and one for you! That's right! I have one to give away to one lucky winner! Just leave a comment below to be entered into the random drawing! 

How'd I do it? Quite simple, actually. I drew a quick sketch for a template of lightning with a border, as well as the letters for ZAP! Because, that's what lightning says. Duh! 
Cut out the templates, pinned em to the felt and cut the felt around em. I sewed the yellow and blue parts together. 
The red felt that I have had a strong adhesive on the back, so rather than try to sew really tiny letters to the lightning, I decided to use that. Easy peasy. But something is missing....BLING. Yeah, it needs stickles. Yeah. That's the stuff. Awesome. Attach to a headband and STYLE!!!  
  Happiest of birthdays, my dear friend! I hope its every bit as fantastic as you! And those of you reading, don't forget to comment for your chance to win one of this awesome comic inspired headbands!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Get ANGRY!!!

I am finally posting this! Several of my friends have been curious how I am pulling off my son's angry birds birthday party. After doing extensive searching, calling and asking, apparently Angry Birds Licensed birthday stuff is just not available ANYWHERE. So, what's a mama to do?

Thank GOODNESS for! Phew! Here is the board that I compiled from searching to the ends of pinterest and back: .Also, just try searching in general for angry birds. SO many great ideas out there from other moms and people that want to make a fun party for their kids!

So here is a compilation of a lot of things that I did for Noah's party. As of now, we are expecting around 30 guests (GULP). This is our first big shindig. Nervous? Why, yes, YES I AM!!
So in no particular random order, here is what I did. I took some plain, basic colored hats and horns and printed the appropriate face for each color, cut and glued them to them. Tah-dahh! Fancy, I know.

Since no one in this area was willing to make me a cake I printed the birds and pig on card stock in color, cut them and glued them to toothpicks with a card stock circle. Viola! Cupcake toppers!
Um, oh! I made treat bags by again, printing the red bird's face, cutting it out and adhering it to red paper bags. In the bags are 1 bottle of bubbles, 1 Slinky, 1 angry birds key-chain (eBay), a sheet of angry birds stickers (Walmart) and 1 lollipop sticker.

The invitation was made from red, white, black and orange card stock. I cut and paper pieced the entire card. (this was before I thought to print it out ::facepalm::)

The lantern idea came from another blog. I can't remember. I seriously need to start writing these things down. I printed the faces again, and used glue dots to adhere them to the lantern. *this is something you want to do just before time unless you have space to store them. You can't collapse the lanterns while they have the faces on them*

Some of you may remember in an earlier post on here that I painted a bean bag toss, but for reference, here it is again. I need to cut the holes out and it will be complete.
Something different we decided to do was a photo booth. I can't remember where I saw this idea, but it was on a blog somewhere out there. I bought the angry birds posted Walmart had and cut the eyes and beak out of the red angry bird. I adhered it to a presentation board and viola! Instant photo booth. We will take each child's picture and send them a copy of their picture in their thank you card. Fun, no?
We have a couple of other fun things as well. I found a large, inflatable bowling set at Walmart that happened to have green pins and a red ball (Um, Awesome??) so that will be available as well as we have cheap green and red bouncy balls for the kids to throw around and have fun with since the party will be in the school's gymnasium. I also will have a coloring table complete with 2 kinds of angry birds coloring sheets (courtesy of and a TON of crayons! 

I can't wait to put it all together. Me being the overly OCD concerned I will forget something person that I am have drawn up a schematic of the place where the party is being held so that nothing gets forgotten and everything has a place so set up should be a breeze! You can be sure I will take pictures the day of so you can get a feel for the fun! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Deck the halls with paper goodies!!!

Finally got a chance today to play with paper! More like, I just did it and stopped procrastinating.
 Our internet has been intermittent at best and so while it was up this morning I scoured the challenges for something that struck my fancy.

I knew I HAD to use my new Ivy stamp from Tickled Pink Stamps so I jumped over to their blog and decided to play along with this week’s challenge. I mean, who can say no to, “anything goes? Right? Here is what I came up with. The papers are a prize I received awhile back. They are from “crate paper” and I LOVE this stack. I will be sorry when its gone. I also decided to challenge myself and try my friend Lizzie’s technique of using watercolors in lieu of copics since several of mine need refills and my colors are very limited. Here is the outcome:
For my other challenge I decided to try out the Pink Sketch Challenges and boy did they have a challenging sketch! I am not good with shape cards, but I needed one more Christmas card, so I decided to give it a go. I used Pressie Tobie and different papers I had laying around. The cardboard is from starbucks. Please excuse the shoddy stitching. First time using that stitch on a circle! I kinda think it adds charm. I also used watercolors on Toby.

Hope you are enjoying your week! TGIF!!