Thursday, November 17, 2011

Accessorize Yourself

Yeah, the older I get the more I LOVE accessories. Of pretty much every kind. I love em. LOVE. So, last night while DH and I were watching a movie I sat and cut up another one of those large Tshirts I bought at Goodwill the other week to alter and made this fun scarf necklace and a bangle. Even the bling on the bangle was a goodwill find. On a hideous gigantic dress. Also got an awesome zipper off that dress. Seeing some more zipper accessorizing in my future. Hehe.

Basically, cut 1.5 - 2 inch strips off the bottom of the Tshirt, stretch to make the edges roll, double over and then cover the twisted part with another piece of Tshirt and viola. 5 minute accessory. Did I mention no sewing? Yeah. Well, I did, but you can just tie. You don't have to sew.
(why am I always holding my head at that strange angle??)
For the bangle, I used more of those strips, braided and sized em down for my puny wrist, added the silver slider and poof. Instant bangle.
So anyway, Here they are, in all their glory. Lovin the purple. Can't wait to wear em somewhere! Woot!