Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy *almost* Thanksgiving!

First, let me just say, my crafty closet is literally, a closet. Everything crafty I own is in the corner of our dining room closet...except for the material...its in the garage in a tote. Hence, the title of my blog..."Mom's Crafty Closet".

Second, I am SO glad to be blogging and crafting again! I am so inspired by all of you and can't wait to get back into the game!

So, thanksgiving is right around the corner and my now almost 5 year old preschooler is having "Thanksgiving Appreciation Day" next Friday. The catch? They need a pilgrim or Indian costume...cause, every mom just has one of those lying around. Right? What? YOU DON'T? What kind of a mom are you? ::shakes head:: Wait...I don't have one either. Rats.

Off to Goodwill and Walmart I go. No way are we paying for a costume that will be worn once. SO... $1.68 for this very bland sheet, along with a couple of dollars for some beads and feathers, and viola...everything you need for a DIY Indian..for under 5 bucks. Yes, PLEASE!
I have grandiose plans of making an outfit. Pants, shirt, shoes...the whole shebang...then, realistic-ness sinks in...Nope...not happening on these beginner sewing skills....A vest? Yes. We can do that...or a tunic. Even better.
I used Noah's vest from church as a size reference, and made it wider so he could get it on and off easier. Doubled the panels for thickness and strength. He IS a boy, after all. Used some scrap brown for fringe...turned out this was the worst possible material for fringing...spend an hour cutting frayed edges and fray checking each...and every...single...fringe....THAT is dedication, people.

Onto the headband...more scrap brown, some felt for backing so it didn't rub his head raw from the ends of the feathers. Can I just say, hot glue is a mom crafter's best friend? Glued on the feathers, (tried sewing...disaster...DISASTER), AND after about 4 attempts was able to succeed with some fancy orange zig zags. Yes, I said 4. At this point, I am thinking, if my son doesn't know I love him, he never will. Pulling out those zig zag seams 3 times was...terrible!
All in all, it was a success, and no matter what the other kids wear next Friday, my kid will be the most adorable Indian at the Thanksgiving Feast. Because I say so. :D   


  1. Fabulous!! Congrats on the beautiful new blog, and great job on the costume!!

    (Can it really be almost 5 years already?)