Saturday, July 27, 2013

Smash* For The Road

I am totally and almost completely caught up with Smash*ing for the month! Woo! I am going to wait until Tuesday to complete it, tho...cause the fair just came to town. WOO! Noah is going to be bugged out! Its his favorite part about the end of summer. Esp now that he is old enough for the rides!

I bought the Smash* bags awhile back and haven't had cause to break them out until this weekend. At first I was mystified as to how to use it with my book...then I just rolled with it. I put the Chuck-E-Cheese token right into the bag with the photo, and the baggie has this cute frame on it too! I stapled the baggie to the pocket which is FILLED to the brim with ideas, receipts and pamphlets and the like from my recent trip to the CK Convention. You can lift the baggie up to read the rest of the journaling there on the front.

So, I may have a small problem....its only the end of July and this is the size of my book. o.O Gonna have to buy a large box to store it in when the year is over! 

Be back soon with more goodies!


Man, do I love getting back to what I love! Scrappin, paper and friends. The summer is almost done and we are just getting into the spirit of things, but that's okay.

Yesterday, we met up with Heather  and hung out. We had a blast. We went to the fountains and let the boys run their energy out and had a picnic. Afterwards we did a little shopping for the mamas. When we got home, the boys played hard while mamas scrapped hard.

I admit it. Smash* has taken over my life and its been hard to face Noah's 6th scrapbook. After the CK Convention last weekend, I got so much new paper and saw so many new fresh was truly good for the soul.

I managed to get three pages scrapped at Heather's house yesterday. For me, that's good. I usually run out of steam and can't make myself finish.

 I need to add the date to this last page still...

This morning, my boys went to the Lowes Build And Grow Clinic and I stayed behind to get some more scrappin done. Managed to get 2 more pages done. I wasn't sure I liked the "have no fear" page, but its growing on me. We are our own worst critics.

Hope you have an inspired weekend and make lots of memories worthy to be scrapped, smashed or shot!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yes....its another Apron...

I NEEED frills. I do. Its sad, but true. I seriously wanted a frilly apron. While my son and I were yardsaling a few weeks back, we came across this lady's house and she was selling SO much vintage fabric. Of course, I stocked up. Wouldn't you? Sadly, I had to wait to complete my husband's apron before I could start my own.

I had a completely different vision for this apron and had to just abandon the first idea due to my lack of skills. After I got over my frustration I cut off the part that didn't work out and ended with this one. I love it. I took it with my to the Creating Keepsakes convention. It did its job well...and I got a couple of admiring glances to boot.

My goal was to make it a full apron, but I wanted a specific type of top and I botched it and ran out of fabric, resulting in my cutting the top part off entirely. I was angry...not just a little bit...but, after a few days I got over it and I love my apron again. 

Hope you enjoyed! I am off to play Mario Kart 64 with my son. Completely prepared to have my rump soundly kicked. Haha!

Holy Smash*, Batman!

So, believe it or not, I HAVE been crafting. No, really~ Sewing and Smash*ing...For real! I just...haven't had time for any blog posts. I am in and out of the house before you even knew I was here! Finally, the last 2 days  have been mostly home. Time to do some catching up!

So I am keeping up and loving every minute of my Smash*365 album. I love looking through it, looking at it, Smash*ing in it, and planning my next page when I take the photos. Its kinda an addiction...Hey, I could have worse things to be addicted to! Don't judge!

This past weekend I was SO LUCKY and got to go to the Creating Keepsakes convention in Nashville, TN and it was so was also very bad for me. I bought more paper than I have in the last year combined I think. I took a Smash* class and got a FREE pink Smash* bundle. SUHWEET...and took a backgrounds class with Nicole Peterson and received TONS of Tim Holtz products and learned some sweet new techniques.

So after an entire day of being inspired by some AMAZING artists, I came home and played with my new ideas. So nice to have fresh inspiration!!!

This stamped image is from Saturated Canary. Her name is Starla and you can find here, here. I colored her with Copic Markers. 

Hope some of this inspires you!! I know I have so much running through my head right now that I can't get enough crafty time! Friday I get to head back up to Kentucky to see Heather and we are going to scrap the day away! Can't WAIT!

Have a great rest of the week!