Sunday, April 27, 2014

Refashionable Sunday!

So I bought this dress. I was SUPER excited. It was cute, loved the modern print and the high-low, hemline....the trouble was, the top was too small for my top....but the rest of it fit well...and I wanted to wear it.... a lot....What's a girl to do???

I know! Get a .99 mini-skirt and some old crocheted lace from the little old lady's basement sale last summer....and make a kickin, one-of-a-kind skirt!

Also, because I am pretty awesome, I thought I would share with you how I created my upcycled fashionable awesomesauce skirt. Yup.

So here it is. Mini-skirt, dress, and vintage crocheted lace. I just loved the print of this dress.
So.... I took some paper and created a template for the arch I wanted to cut in the front of the skirt.

Tah-daahhhhh...Trace and cut. Its a cinch. 

So after I cut the front, I pinned my crocheted lace to the bottom edge of the skirt. I placed the lace so that only the scallops were hanging down from the skirt. I wanted to use the lace to disguise the seams for the dress portion of the skirt. I then sewed just the top of the lace for the time being, though, I did sew it around twice for strength since it was a little delicate. 
Speaking of the dress, I cut the dress at the seam where the bodice met the skirt portion. Then, I measured from the highest point in the arch down my leg to the place I wanted the arch from the dress portion to fall once sewed on. It was 8 inches. I cut the skirt at 11 inches from the bottom seam. 
I turned the entire thing inside out and pinned the skirt 2 inches above the lace and gathered it in a few places to keep the fullness. I turned the skirt right side out and sewed around the skirt on the top of the lace again (making 3 times....VERY strong now). After that, I sewed around the bottom edge of the jean skirt (just above the scallops) twice. 

Here was the end result....(yes...a BAD photo, and the shirt doesn't match....what do you expect??? Its almost bedtime!)
 The side view really shows the high-low and how the lace layered with the two materials. I am seriously stoked and want to find the perfect shirt before summer so I can wear this bad boy. TOTALLY STOKED.

All told, this skirt took less than an hour to create. JUST my style. Short and sweet. I can't wait to make more skirts. I am so inspired now! Hope you are too!

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