Sunday, April 20, 2014

Legos For Easter

Check it! I did a 20 minute craft with very little mess today!

So I am trying to make Noah's room less cluttered looking and with that trying to put some more "sophisticated" looking things on his walls. Not sure this hits all the right parts of that, but Noah loved it and it was cheap and quick.

So I found a lot of neat things on pinterest. This item caught my attention for sure. Its quick, easy, and fun.
I decided to add my own twist, for good or for ill, and use some old Lego paper I had from a prize I won years ago. I traced and cut out the lego figure. (As you can see, I totally traced it before cutting the paper down so I did it twice. At least I noticed before I cut! I adhered it to the front inside of a shadow box I have had for years. It had a Noah collage in it and I decided to put that away for now and use it for this.
Next, I used a couple flat plates Noah had and built up some yellow legos. I didn't like the waste of using so many random legos. Noah uses all of his legos all of the time so minimal and neat was the way to go. I made sure that the legos were flush with the front by folding paper bags underneath the plates to make it snug. If you notice, I also didn't fill up the entire square because you can't see the edges for the most part, so why waste the legos?
Once closed, here is the outcome. I kind of like the lego paper in the box and the legos being neat and tidy, though, I do like the original way as well.
Noah was excited to have it hung over his lego area. Kinda wishing I had a larger shadow box, but it will do.

Oh, and Happy Easter to you all!

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