Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top Ten For 2013

So this year was a whirl-wind, but SO long at times! I seriously can't believe its already JANUARY. What's up with that? I turned 30 this year. I am not going to lie, I was a bit depressed about the prospects of 30 and not having done anything truly wild in my 20s. However, 30 has been pretty good to me, and the year 2014 is looking brighter than I could have imagined!

I want to share with you my top ten crafty moments of 2013 because, lets face it, I live to craft. I get so grouchy when I don't. In 2013 I did my best to try new things, but also got back into some of my old loves as well. 

These moments are in no real order, mainly because its hard to say which ones I like best because my heart is in everything I do. So, here we go!

This project was my final project for the year. The backdrop for my son's 7th birthday party. A MARIO party, if you can't tell. It took 4 days of painstakingly drawing and measuring and painting, but the final product was beyond anything I could have imagined!
 This project, I actually did not once, but twice. I created Hunger Games shirt for myself, and another for my best friend. We both just recently (FINALLY) got to watch the second installment, Catching Fire and it lived up to my expectations, which is a hard sell since I am VERY much against how movie writers can change the vision of a book. Anyway, it's a stencil and a tee, spray some bleach and awesome mocking jay for any "girl on fire".
 THIS project took up many weeks and months of my time. Not the project itself, per say, but the FINDING of the correct product! I transformed a game of Guess Who? into a game of DOCTOR who!! Thank you PINTEREST. I obsessed, checked Ebay, checked every thrift store and asked everyone I knew to help me find one and I FINALLY found one! Painted, printed, cut and POOF! Awesome, 1 of a kind game!

These pen flowers I spent half a day making after my friend Lizzie posted a tutorial on her blog. They were SO FUN to make! They really cheered me up, and they made great gifts too! 

 I made an apron! Oh, geebz, I KNOW, I KNOW....I make aprons. Its what I do! What made this one special was that it was vintage fabric that I found at a yard sale in an old ladies basement. The lace was too. What an adventure that day was!
 I made ATCs! I re-discovered how fun they are to make. I made these all from my own inspiration, by hand. Hand-made the glasses, the hair and the TARDIS stamp and K-9 stamp were also hand made stamps, but you will see those further down. These cards made me so happy. I am in the process of making a Doctor Who smash*-style book. These are going in it. :)

 I made a pillow! Its actually been a year or two since I made one. This one was special. I saw a similar design on Pinterest...(where else?) and had to make one. Its a tooth fairy pillow. I had it for Noah for months and he FINALLY lost his teeth...well, 2 of them, anyway. The mouth is a pocket for the teeth and the gold coins. The image is applique, and this was my first time ever attempting it!
 I made an Eskimo costume! Out of a woman's jacket, no less. It was a crazy day making this thing but it was a big hit at Noah's social studies fair last school year! Noah loved it too.
 Stamps! I made lots of stamps! I love making stamps from erasers. I made 3-d glasses (Doctor WHO reference!) and lots of patterns and a paper airplane! Loved making a card with the paper airplane, and the 3-d glasses stamp I used on the ATC you saw above. Yay, cheap stamps!

Smash*ing. See that book on the left? My 365 Smash*book. Kind of a big deal. Its almost complete. I am hoping to finish it in the next 2 weeks and get started on the NEXT big one! 
A couple samples of the inside. 
I hope this year is as inspiring as the last. I can't wait to see what 2014 holds for me! Happy NEW YEAR!

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  1. Love it all! Oh I was a little depressed maybe scared ha when I turned 30 but then I realized 30 wasn't so bad!! Heres to a great 2014.Hope to meet up again this year hugs!!