Monday, January 13, 2014

Build-A-Bear Sling

So, my best friend and her daughter took Noah to Build-A-Bear for his birthday. It was a pretty epic experience from what I heard. Noah came home with an Obi-Wan teddy that be babies. He got a gift card and with it he got a set of PJs, shoes and roller skates. Obi Wan is killin it!

As soon as Noah got his bear he asked me to make a backpack of some sort in order to carry him around. I have NEVER been good at bags and the like so a back-pack scared me a bit. I am going to be honest...I made a lot of excuses about time, and materials....its been a month and I am just now getting around to it.  

I sat with Noah and looked at different things and he decided on a sling-type carrier. (Insert sigh of relief here). MUCH easier than a backpack.

I did a lot of measuring and a lot of math...See? Scary stuff. Just sayin....Anyway. Here is what we came up with. A couple of hours and viola. Bear sling.

Nothing fancy. No frills. It is reversible so he can wear it around the front as well and it is also adjustable for clothing and growing. Cause....he can't friggen quit growing. 

If you are interested, I basically took the same idea as an apron top. The arm holes are 3.75 inches (sloped like the top of an apron. The top of the sling is 6 inches. From the arm hole to the bottom of the sling measures 9.25 inches. The bottom width is 13 inches. Make sure that you add seam allowances. 

The straps for the arms were 3 inches 20.5 inches. You need 2. Then you will fold in half and sew that puppy up. Make sure that you add seam allowances. 

The straps for the bottom are 3 inches by 11.25 inches. You need 2. Then you will fold in half and sew that puppy up. 

The strap you see in the first photo across his chest is 14 inches long. You will wrap the left side around the arm strap and secure. I sewed a square to secure it around the strap. 

The other side of the strap will need velcro. You want this strap to also wrap around the right arm strap. You will also sew velcro to the arm strap. The chest strap will wrap around the back of the arm strap and secure to the front of the arm strap with velcro. 

Then, of course, if you are backing it to make it reversible as I did you will want to sew the 2 sling panels right sides together and leave a space to turn it right side out. Once you turn it right side out you will then iron and top stitch everything, including closing the hole you left to turn it right side out. 

Obviously, I should have taken photos but I was winging it so I just thought you would want to know the final outcome. Haha. 

You also will want to consider the size of your child. The 13 inches came from Noah's arm pit to arm pit measurements. 

Hope all of this make since, and if it doesn't, that's okay. You can feel free to hit me up and ask whatever didn't make since. 

Happy Monday!!

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