Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Stamp And Scrap Fest

I seriously can not believe how amazing life is going in 2014. Talk about starting with a bang! Ever since I started working for the Stamp Doctor Design Team my crafting life is finally starting to really develop.

I got the opportunity to fly to Houston, TX and not only work doing one of my biggest passions, but I also got to meet and stay with the amazing Lizzie!!!! Can you say, Trouble with a capitol T?!?!?! Bless Doc Mechele Rudd for putting up with our crazy selves.
Lizzie and Mechele made me feel so comfortable and so welcomed. 
The first day of work was all set up and learning what to do, but that didn't stop our crazy butts from having some fun too. Yay, umbrellas!
Did I mention we were up SUPER LATE trying to get classes and stuff done? Yeah...it was kinda nuts....THANK YOU STARBUCKS for single-handedly making our work possible!
Can you believe Mechele trusted us with sharp objects? Kind of amazing, right? 
Yeah, this happened too. Because...why not??? 
Oh, yea....this happened too....I case you were wondering? It totes works. 

So the third day, I had a class....man was I nervous that no one would sign up. By the time the class started, 9 out of the 10 slots were filled and we had a blast! I felt like I was doing exactly what I should be doing;teaching what I love. 
Look at my nerdy self teaching. Holy cow!
 So, Lizzie and I loved this lady. She was so sweet and so excited to be making her very first cards EVER. As someone that has been making cards and the like since I was my son's age, its hard for me to imagine life without cards and scrapping. I think this lady also found a love for it too!
Our cards we stayed up crazy late to prep for class/make-and-takes.

Dude....we were so tired....this was take-down night...and the night before I left. We were SO COLD and so tired, but still managed to laugh our rears off about literally nothing....and corn...
Wait....did I say we were tired? Nahhhhh....we still had time for a romp at Walmart to grab some goodies for our kiddos. And a feather boa...because...WHY NOT?
This picture makes me sad.....its hard to leave someone you connect with so easily. Sometimes you don't feel like you can connect in real life after "meeting" on the internet, but in this case we connected. Like, really connected. My house is so quiet now that I am home and not with Miss Lizz....
The entire trip seemed so natural and I really didn't want it to end....however, how could I stay away from this any longer? 
Glad to be home and see my two boys whom I missed VERY much, however I am eagerly awaiting March when I can hopefully repeat this amazing job in Arizona! Happy week, and stay warm, wherever you are...

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  1. Sounds like you had an amazing trip, looks like you both worked super hard too. If you get to go in March to Arizona will Lizzie get to go too, cause that would be epic.