Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Just dropping in...

So my pledge to myself this year is to be on the ball.  By the end of 2013 I was so behind that I was close to not even bothering anymore. I seriously can't stand being disorganized. Do you know what its like to have diagnosed ADD, and also have OCD? Among a couple of other of issues. But those are moot.

So seriously. I plan to make Christmas cards every month and I am already done with Valentines day. Other than the baking for the teachers; and obviously I can't do that until the week of.

So I love pinterest, obviously, and I seriously love no-candy treats for the kiddies. I mean seriously. I love smarties and sweet hearts as much as the next gal, but how much can the kids bring home every holiday? Especially when you start factoring in children with allergies.

So I asked my son which valentine he wanted to do on pinterest and he chose these adorable paratrooper valentines.  Supermommoments added a link to her free printables, which I thought was SUPER for sure! I like her blog. Lots of yummy moments!

Noah and I canvassed our town and no one had any paratroopers. I was bummed...until I checked out Oriental Trading. They had exactly what I needed. I needed just under 2 dozen and I got 2 dozen for 12 dollars, which is about as cheap as I could find online. AND free shipping. Totally worth it not to have to drive all over creation. Added bonus is that these are larger than the ones she used and they seem to be a bit better quality as well.

So, here they are! All finished and purty! Ready for Valentines Day. I did take the troopers out of the bags they came in. They were individually bagged which was awesome, but the tops of the baggies were larger than the print-out so I used jewelry baggies from pretty much any craft store and stapled the tops to the bags. The guys were a tad large, but they just fit.

I hope that Noah's classmates love them. Noah sure does! What are you doing for valentines for your classrooms this year? 

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