Monday, August 5, 2013

A garden of flowers

So, its been like...AGES since I have been inspired to craft. Like...craft craft, not just Smash*. This morning Lizzie (who, by the way is one of the most inspirational and talented people that I know) posted a link to a tutorial that she did on these fantastic paper flowers on ink pens....Omgosh....I HAD TO MAKE SOME!!

I was seriously geeking out. Actually went to the store and bought pens. That's how bad I wanted to make some.

I did learn that you have to use genuine Washi tape. None of the plastic-y stuff that doesn't stretch and move. It really doesn't hold the flower on and you need it to so that as it dries it doesn't fall off.  Also, a thinner pen is optimal. I bought Sharpie fine pens with the "no bleed" and they were a tad too fat so I struggled. I also bought papermate fine colored markers and they were the perfect size! I also figured out that glitter paper isn't worth the struggle. The blue flower looks great now, but it took ages to get it worked out and I am still not convinced it won't fall apart today. 

I also managed to make a very simple card last night for one of my husband's co-workers. He recently got married so I made him just a simple and sweet card...simple mainly because the image took up most of the card. Its been like at least a year since I have played with my House Mouse stamps. I was terrified to try copics with the fur, but I think all things considered it came out really well. Hope he and his wife enjoy! 


  1. amazing cass! you inspire me daily with your cuteness!

  2. Haha, I love how you use the word simple. There is never anything simple about your crafying, you do beautiful work. Also, I wanna flower pen, you know if you don't know who to give them too. LOl