Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Guess WHO?

WHO are you? The 10th Doctor? The Red Eyed Ood? Perhaps Idris/TARDIS?

I am seriously geeking out. I have spent so much time combing stores and the internet looking for an affordable Guess Who game that wasn't chunky and new.
I found this super sweet tutorial on pinterest and, of course, have done nothing but obsess to the point of almost complete and utter insanity? LoL I am seriously as super excited as she is, haha. And she is pretty flipping excited!

I stripped down the boards last night and started painting. In hind sight, I should have sanded them, but when I am manic and excited, its really hard to slow down!

Since I was unable to find the model from 1986, I decided that in place of the pegs/sonics she has, I made the question mark red in honor of the 7th Doctor's umbrella. Figured it worked.  
I did seal mine with a spray sealer that my husband had on hand just to help prolong the paint with all of the wear it will receive. 

 After almost running out of ink in the printer, and realizing that the cards were too big and sizing them down, here is the final product. I am so happy with the result. Super excited to play with my son when he gets home from school. He is so awesome. He was humming the theme song while he was playing yesterday.

And viola! I hope you enjoy and DO check out the link I posted above! She has all of the printables and all of the tips and fun stuff on her page!

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  1. Did Noah love it? What did Bobby think? How many times did you play. Looks good. Where did you end up getting the game from?