Saturday, July 27, 2013

Smash* For The Road

I am totally and almost completely caught up with Smash*ing for the month! Woo! I am going to wait until Tuesday to complete it, tho...cause the fair just came to town. WOO! Noah is going to be bugged out! Its his favorite part about the end of summer. Esp now that he is old enough for the rides!

I bought the Smash* bags awhile back and haven't had cause to break them out until this weekend. At first I was mystified as to how to use it with my book...then I just rolled with it. I put the Chuck-E-Cheese token right into the bag with the photo, and the baggie has this cute frame on it too! I stapled the baggie to the pocket which is FILLED to the brim with ideas, receipts and pamphlets and the like from my recent trip to the CK Convention. You can lift the baggie up to read the rest of the journaling there on the front.

So, I may have a small problem....its only the end of July and this is the size of my book. o.O Gonna have to buy a large box to store it in when the year is over! 

Be back soon with more goodies!

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  1. I'm more than halfway done with my book and it is not this full. LOL I think you need to limit your creativity said no crafter EVER.