Sunday, August 11, 2013

One Smart Cookie

So, this year, Noah has a man for a teacher, which, I am THRILLED about. If it weren't for the fact that I miss his old teacher terribly and she is just in the next class room...AND...he's a it makes it more difficult to find things to make for Teacher Appreciation. I dunno how he would respond to a flower pen or stationary? I dunno. lol

So I did a bunch of pinteresting this last week or so and found some great ideas that will not be just left sitting around or leave either of us feeling odd because its so girly. Haha.

So, I really dug the idea for "one smart cookie" that I saw all over pinterest. I snagged an image of a Snorg Tee. (I am hoping they don't mind since its just one print...from my printer...for a cookie jar...not for sale...)

Then, I used (which is a free photo editing software that is free...) and whipped up this lil taggie:

Then, I filled a jar from the Dollar Tree with some Pepridge Farm oatmeal raisen cookies. MAN are those good. Its been forevers since I have had one of their cookies, and those are good. What? Its not my fault one fell apart before it got into the jar! (insert sheepish grin here).
Anyhow, I wanted a little more pop, so I added a couple paper circles to the top. Nothing fancy, but with that and some Jute that I had, it all came together nicely. I am sure that after tomorrow Noah's teacher will need some cookies! Haha! 
Happy school year to you all! I know some of you have been in school a week or more. Noah's school started super late for whatever reason this year. Oh, well. We enjoyed our summer so it wasn't much of a stress to us. Hope you enjoy!

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