Saturday, August 17, 2013

Smash*n Again

You know I loves me some Smash*in. Have you checked out our awesome group on Facebook?

I got to go see my good crafty friend, Heather and got 3 pages smash*ed. We also got to go thrift shopping. Total win. A nice end to a good week.

I did 2 pages for August, and still have one more to go, but I made good progress. Ironically, I smash*ed about the last time I hung out with Heather. Hehe. These 2 pages are in my 365 Smash*book.
 I also Smash*ed in my Black Mod Smash*book. I did a page of Catching Fire. I know there will be differences from the book, but Catching Fire is my favorite of the Hunger Games trilogy and I am eagerly awaiting the newest movie in November.

I also bought a new shirt from TeeFury the other week. Now I am torn. Which shirt to wear to the movie? ::sigh:: 

This is the one that I made awhile back: 
Hoping to get to craft some more tomorrow. 

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  1. Love crafting with you, always get motivated and inspired to do more. Whenever I get burnt out and hit writer's block, so to speak, I need to call you. LOL Catching Fire was my favorite book too, can't wait for the movie.