Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Yesterday I had the pleasure of hosting one of my best girls, Heather! She's pretty talented, so you need to check her out!

I have been quite naughty this year and have focused more on our Florida scrapbook than Noah's 4 year scrapbook. He just turned 5 and literally there were 3 pages in his 4 year book. Bad mama. SO, yesterday I added 4 more pages for 3 significant events in his year. Hoping to add more this week as well.

This first set of pages was for Noah's Day Out With Thomas. It was seriously hard to edit down the number of pictures I wanted so as to make room for the tickets and such. It was a VERY fun-filled day! I decided on a simple page format to fit everything in.

This next page is my favorite of the day. The papers and the layout pretty much did themselves. I hand cut the banners (too "lazy" to get out my cricut, haha) and used some cool twine/ribbon from Christmas wrapping that reminded us of straw. This page was from when Noah and I went to the country fair.
This last page was a simple one from when Noah and his class went to Bottom View Farms. Again, major editing had to happen. There were so many cute pictures, so I edited it to simple!
If anyone is interested, I might do a post with my Florida book. For it being a last minute, 48 hour total trip, it filled up almost an entire book! I still have like 2 pages left! Anyhow, hope you enjoy! Thanks for looking!


  1. umm yes I (we) do want to see the Florida book! ..Love the pages girl and so wish I could have a craft day with you and Heather..It will happen soon !!HUGS!!

  2. I love this!
    and I'm jelly that you weren't scrapping with me! I mean I'm only like 11 hours from you! It takes me 12 to get to centerville from my house hahahahahaa that's not too far? Right???

  3. Wow, I need to take lessons on scrapbooking from you!!! LOVE the thomas page! This year was a Thomas year for Trey. So cute!

  4. I had so much fun, I need to scrap too, but I always forget to print pics, LOL. Lizzie if you lived near us, we would never get anything else done, but crafting. LOL