Saturday, December 3, 2011

Get ANGRY!!!

I am finally posting this! Several of my friends have been curious how I am pulling off my son's angry birds birthday party. After doing extensive searching, calling and asking, apparently Angry Birds Licensed birthday stuff is just not available ANYWHERE. So, what's a mama to do?

Thank GOODNESS for! Phew! Here is the board that I compiled from searching to the ends of pinterest and back: .Also, just try searching in general for angry birds. SO many great ideas out there from other moms and people that want to make a fun party for their kids!

So here is a compilation of a lot of things that I did for Noah's party. As of now, we are expecting around 30 guests (GULP). This is our first big shindig. Nervous? Why, yes, YES I AM!!
So in no particular random order, here is what I did. I took some plain, basic colored hats and horns and printed the appropriate face for each color, cut and glued them to them. Tah-dahh! Fancy, I know.

Since no one in this area was willing to make me a cake I printed the birds and pig on card stock in color, cut them and glued them to toothpicks with a card stock circle. Viola! Cupcake toppers!
Um, oh! I made treat bags by again, printing the red bird's face, cutting it out and adhering it to red paper bags. In the bags are 1 bottle of bubbles, 1 Slinky, 1 angry birds key-chain (eBay), a sheet of angry birds stickers (Walmart) and 1 lollipop sticker.

The invitation was made from red, white, black and orange card stock. I cut and paper pieced the entire card. (this was before I thought to print it out ::facepalm::)

The lantern idea came from another blog. I can't remember. I seriously need to start writing these things down. I printed the faces again, and used glue dots to adhere them to the lantern. *this is something you want to do just before time unless you have space to store them. You can't collapse the lanterns while they have the faces on them*

Some of you may remember in an earlier post on here that I painted a bean bag toss, but for reference, here it is again. I need to cut the holes out and it will be complete.
Something different we decided to do was a photo booth. I can't remember where I saw this idea, but it was on a blog somewhere out there. I bought the angry birds posted Walmart had and cut the eyes and beak out of the red angry bird. I adhered it to a presentation board and viola! Instant photo booth. We will take each child's picture and send them a copy of their picture in their thank you card. Fun, no?
We have a couple of other fun things as well. I found a large, inflatable bowling set at Walmart that happened to have green pins and a red ball (Um, Awesome??) so that will be available as well as we have cheap green and red bouncy balls for the kids to throw around and have fun with since the party will be in the school's gymnasium. I also will have a coloring table complete with 2 kinds of angry birds coloring sheets (courtesy of and a TON of crayons! 

I can't wait to put it all together. Me being the overly OCD concerned I will forget something person that I am have drawn up a schematic of the place where the party is being held so that nothing gets forgotten and everything has a place so set up should be a breeze! You can be sure I will take pictures the day of so you can get a feel for the fun! 

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  1. You are so stinkin creative!!! I love the idea to take pictures of the kids as an Angry Bird.