Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So, thanks to Lizzie (who, SUPER duper amazing...), I have been introduced to the smashing world of smash books. Due to lack of funding, I got brave and made my very own book. WOW! I haven't had so much fun making something in AGES!! This book is far from done, but I wanted to share with you what I have so far. Just too excited to keep it to myself, HEHE!!!

I wanted to make this book as fun and lively as possible, since that's how I like to live my life. This book will be for all of the little things that make me happy and all of the little random things that make me, ME.

Interspersed in this book are even some card faces that I have made that really inspire me or that made me think outside the box.

The idea of different shapes and textures and sizes for pages is really intriguing, so I did my best to replicate that. Some of the pages are simply designer paper adhered to thicker card stock to make a designer paper/card stock sandwich. They are thin, yet durable. Some pages are THICK chipboard that DH brought me ages and ages ago, and some pages are literally just card faces.

I also added an envelope accordion file that I made and covered in designer papers. I love it because it adds interest and POCKETS for pictures or whatever strikes my fancy. There are also some paint samples being used to make a pocket and an edging. Also, I have used images from Some Odd Girl. LOVE Some Odd Girl! You should check em out! Also there are stamps from Tickled Pink and Stamping Bella. One last little thing I wanted to point out is the Japanese page I took from a book DH gave me to use for crafting ages ago. Its literally all Japanese characters. LOVE it!

I REALLY want to thank Lizzie for introducing me to this because my creative side is coming alive with this book!
I apologize for the picture-heavy nature of this post, and like I said, the book isn't complete. I have 2 more page ideas I want to execute to add to the book today, as well as some fun embellishment ideas I want to prepare.  Will post when they are ready. :D


  1. 1. what is up with that cooky envie? I wanna know how to make one!
    2. I LOVE THIS!!!!
    3. YOU ROCK!
    4. now my real comment... hahahaaa
    Thnx for the comment on my room dude! It's been a big work in progress as you know. And I absolutly LOVE it! NOW I gotta work on the living room... it's nowhere as awesome at the craft room! Tho it needs to be b/c we all spend more time in here then anywhere else!!! hahahahaaaaaa

  2. I love, love, love your smashbook, so creative and cute, love all the pockets. Sorry I haven't commented before I have been sick.