Monday, December 5, 2011


First, I am so honored to be posting for one of my sweetest, most talented, crafty peeps, Ms. Lizzie. I wish her the happiest, craftiest birthday!!

My project is a DIY comic inspired headbands I have seen around on pinterest and other places. The first time I ever saw any of these I immediately thought of Lizzie. 

 Here is a link to a few that I have seen:

These are made with embroidery machines...that's great....but I don't have one. What's a girl to do? I decided to make one with felt. Fabulous felt. I just can't get enough. 

So, I plied my needle and whipped up a few of my own. One for lizzie...and one for you! That's right! I have one to give away to one lucky winner! Just leave a comment below to be entered into the random drawing! 

How'd I do it? Quite simple, actually. I drew a quick sketch for a template of lightning with a border, as well as the letters for ZAP! Because, that's what lightning says. Duh! 
Cut out the templates, pinned em to the felt and cut the felt around em. I sewed the yellow and blue parts together. 
The red felt that I have had a strong adhesive on the back, so rather than try to sew really tiny letters to the lightning, I decided to use that. Easy peasy. But something is missing....BLING. Yeah, it needs stickles. Yeah. That's the stuff. Awesome. Attach to a headband and STYLE!!!  
  Happiest of birthdays, my dear friend! I hope its every bit as fantastic as you! And those of you reading, don't forget to comment for your chance to win one of this awesome comic inspired headbands!

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