Monday, November 28, 2011

Stylin for the holidays

So today I went out to probably the scariest thrift store I have EVER been in in my entire life in search of some hideous sweaters for DH and I to go out and have fun one night. He gets to go to a party in a few weeks and I have other plans, so he graciously offered to take me and a couple of our friends out to go embarrass ourselves in some awful sweaters so I don't feel left out. Isn't he a sweetie? So, not only did I find this sweater (which will have to be taken in a bit!!!):
 But I also found a BUNCH of peacock feathers! Got a handful for like 10 cents! A BIG handful! WHAT? And I almost paid 99 cents each last week? Psh! Glad I waited! So I whipped up a 5 minute headband with some peacock feathers and a sweet little button. I might fill it in a bit more later, but for now, I be stylin.

I hope to be back in a day or two with some cards. Did I mention that I won the random draw over at Tickled Pink Stamps last week? (check out the snazzy button on my sidebar!) EEEP! I got a cute stamp that I am itching to color up and make something with! Can't wait to show you! 


  1. Love your headband, You should totally make a peacock feather wreath, I saw one and it was so cute.