Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Shirt

Yessir! I found this awesome post on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/106960559869636252/

And me being me, headed straight to Goodwill to grab me some gigantic men's tees! I found bunches. I loved this guitar T the best, so I used it to make my new shirt.
Such an easy tutorial and such a fun project! Lots of tweaking, but joyfully, there was NO SEAM RIPPING this time! When I was done, I thought it looked a bit bare, so I added stickles to the design. We will see how they hold up in the washer. They don't usually come out when I get them on my clothes, so here's hopin!
I decided to make a fun headband to go with the shirt out of the scraps cut from the shirt. Schwing! Used this tutorial to make a quick jersey bow. SO easy peasy! http://www.diyfashiondiva.com/fashion/fabric-bow-tutorial
(Did I mention how SHORT the bottom of my hair is??? EEEEK)

Now the tricky part....no matter HOW many times I tried, I couldn't get a stinkin picture of myself in this shirt! My camera is just too heavy...so, meet my budding photograper:
Hope you enjoyed! I had fun makin it. I have 2 more shirts I might convert as well. 


  1. okay srsly... how cute can not only one person be... but TWO! your lil man man is adorable! And that shirt restyle is awesome! not to mention a totally awesome find for the shirt for you to alter!!

  2. ooooh, very fab, Cass!! I'm impressed! You rock!