Sunday, December 7, 2014

May The Force Be With You

My poor little Jedi has been sick with a high fever for the last 24 hours. Now we are a low grade fever which is much less scary. I have been able to use his down time to get a LOT done for his party which is in just 2 weeks! Yikes! So close!!

As you may remember, our party theme this year is "Star Wars". We are HUGE Star Wars fans in this house.

Awhile back I posted this instructional about my Noodle Light Sabers. Also when I posted this about my bunting and post cards.

So this weekend I was able to get a lot of stuff knocked out. Totally pumped! I made these awesome Princess Leia buns out of felt, yarn and cheap, spray painted headbands. All I had to do was hot glue yarn in a spiral and glue it to the headband. Super easy once I got going on it. My only regret is not putting the buns lower on the headband. 

I also printed out these Jedi Knight certificates to hand out after the Jedi Training obstacle course. Its going to be epic. 

I also was able to get part of my Jedi robes completed. I used bed-sheets from Goodwill and cut rectangles and folded them in half, cut them up the front and cut space for a neck hole. Tied shut with the same yarn I used for the Leia Buns. Here is my on-the-mend lil man sporting one of the robes. Simple, but they are going to make the kids feel like they are Jedis. 
Finally, I was able to put together the treat/goodie bags. This is one of my favorite parts of party planning because I love looking for something cooler than the typical "goodie bag" faire that just gets thrown away. 

This year, I bought bubble wands on clearance at Walmart and spray painted the handles silver. Note for those looking for party ideas, take the plastic wrap OFF BEFORE spraying the handles. Cause...I didn't...and I don't' want to do it over. So, learn from my mistakes, people!

I got coloring books, a pack of crayons, a star wars pencil, a sheet of stickers each AND this AWESOME card game I found online. It has figures, and little dice and everything in it. I am excited for Noah to open it so I can see what all the game is like!

Looks like most of the work is done. Only a few more Jedi robes to make and I will be able to relax until the day before the party when I go to buy the food and set up the decorations. ::insert sigh of relief here::

I hope to be around more after the first of the year! Making some changes with my job so here is hoping I have a bit more time to keep up with everything! 

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