Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bunting and Something "Old"

When I was in highschool (my junior year, I believe) I had the opportunity to go to MGM studios and Disney while I was on a trip. I had just discovered the Star Wars series a couple of years before so I bought 3 postcards while I was at the park.

Little did I realize, all these years later that I would be framing and matting them for my almost 8 year old boy's birthday party in December. I think they will be perfect additions to the party decor.

Last Tuesday, my husband and I happened to come across a Hancock Fabric store. Ours closed years ago, but apparently there is still one in Bowling Green, Ky. He suggested we check it out and I am so glad we did. I managed to come out with more Star Wars fabric, bias tape and some other fabrics that will be featured in other posts.

Today was the first actual day of my 2 week vacation from work, so I decided to start off with a bang. I made some bunting for Noah's birthday party (I may make more later) and I matted and framed my postcards for use as decorations on the tables. The frames are from the Dollar Tree and then I used scrap patterned paper for the mats.

I think both turned out pretty great! My first time making fabric bunting. It was pretty easy. I just created a stencil with cards stock and then used some allowances to create neat edging.

 Getting very excited to see how everything comes together on the day of the party. However, we are nervous that ALL the kids will show up that we invite, haha. It would be a blessing, and a curse.

Happy weekend and hope that you are inspired! 

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  1. Oh my goodness, my kids would FLIP for this!!! LOVE Starwars in my house. Those postcards are an awesome touch for the celebration but oh my that bunting is the bomb! LOVE it!! Hugs, Wends x