Sunday, August 10, 2014

Galactic Sunday

Its that time of year again. That time when I begin to obsess over details of a certain little man's birthday party. This year he FINALLY wanted Star Wars, something we have been hoping for for almost 8 years, hahaha. Seriously think its going to be a fantastic party. Lots of fun things planned.

Here is the first of many projects. As always, when the party comes I will do another post recapping everything that we did and be sure to check me out on Pinterest. I have tons of parties planned and posted!

So, light sabers. We have like 4, 2 of which make noise, but when you are talking about most likely around 20 kids? I needed to have some more price efficient light saber action.

Pinterest to the rescue, as always. POOL noodles. Totes awesome. Also, extremely price efficient. The dollar tree had noodles for 1 dollar, and each noodle makes 2 light sabers. 50 cents PER kid? Not too shabby.

I made enough sabers for 20 kids. Might go back and get a few more to make 25 or 26. We shall see. For now, lets stick with 20.

Walmart has their Duck Tape on sale for 3 dollars a roll. I used about 1.5 silver rolls, and about a half of a black roll to create the handles. I didn't try any cheaper tape, but perhaps it will hold just as well. To cut this tape you are going to want a good pair of sharp scissors that had adhesive resistant blades. This pair is from Fiskars.

 I had hubbs draw me out 3 simple designs for handles:

Then, I got to work. I had a cardboard box from my work and covered it in blue wrapping paper from the dollar tree and printed out a label from here

It took me 2 or 3 hours to get all of these done (with minor interruptions). For the silver in the handle it took 4 strips of tape that went all the way around. So, basically, stack 4 strips on top of one another and that is how long your handle will be. 

All in all I think the kids are going to have a blast "training" with balloons in our Jedi Training Area at the party. 

Hope this inspires you to start thinking about fun things you can do for a party! And, may The Force be with you!

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