Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy Galactic Birthday

The birthday and Christmas have come and gone. I can finally show you what months of planning resulted in.

This year is the first year since Noah was born that I have been out of the house working semi-full time as well as Noah having extra-curricular things 3 nights a week so I was scared that this party would never come to fruition.

First, let me apologize for the photos. In my haste to get everything just right I forgot to use the right settings and the pics just aren't that great.

This was the food table. Without the food...cause....long story.
 I loved the tags that I printed from Pinterest. Princess Leis and Obi-Wan Kabobies...Yoda Soda and Vader Veggies....you get the picture. My greatest though, was, "use the forks Luke".

This was the gift table. I spread the goodie bags out between the cake table and the gift table. Kinda helped fill the empty space. 
 The cake table had my fabric bunting banner as well as other goodies to help add to the atmosphere.
 The cupcakes were amazing!! I love my hubby's cupcake recipe. It was just right! The toppers came from Williams-Sonoma and were a huge hit!
 Quite possibly the biggest hit, however, was DARTH VADER!!! Yes, Darth Vader made a special visit just for Noah to our little party and he was well-received by all but one sweet child. The kids had a blast chasing and getting chased. Can't thank him enough for being willing to come and hang out!

 There were so many other little details that I will not bore you with here. If you are interested in the goody bags, the leia buns, the process in general, check here and here and here. This party was probably the easiest I have done because of the wealth of ideas on the internet. Its not a new idea so there is a lot of information to be had for sure if you just have the time to check it out.

Thanks to all who were able to come and to all who helped out! It is very much appreciated!!

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