Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bubble Lightsabers!

So I think I mentioned awhile back that we are planning a star wars party for Noah. Its going to be least, I HOPE it will be. I had the chance to work on the bubble lightsabers this weekend.

I managed to find a WHOLE bunch of these bubble wands at walmart for 50 cents a piece right before school started. I bought as many as I could imagine needing. The colors were limited, but I am NOT complaining! Going to be a great, non "sit around and take up space" party favor!!
To paint the handles I grabbed rust-oleum. MAN does this stuff work well! Talk about good coverage! Def pays to buy the "good" stuff. I will never buy cheap spray paint again!!
I also grabbed a box from work and cut slits in the top to shove the wand portion of the bubble wands into the box for protection from the paint. I only wanted to paint the handles, not the colored part. I now realize that I didn't consider the slit down the CENTER of the bottom of the box so there was a bit of over-spray on some of the sabers but I really don't think it will matter. They look awesome. That paint is SHINY!!!

 And, after dry time, VIOLA!!! I have lightsaber bubble wands! The first goody for their goody bags! This is seriously going to be a fun party! Now, to get the rest of my fabric so I can make bunting!
Have a great week and be inspired!!

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  1. Awesome on soooo many levels! The kiddos are gonna be so stoked with these! Not showing mine or there'd be tantrums. LOL. Have fun with the prep, I'm making notes ;) Mwah x