Monday, May 26, 2014

Melting! MELTING!

Actually, it has been an amazing weekend, weather-wise. Until today. Enter: Tennessee humidity. ::sigh:: That's okay. I am so thankful for the time outside we did get. Cept for the mowing today...didn't enjoy that...

Saturday I decided that it was berry pickin time so Noah and I packed up and went to bottomview farms to pick strawberries. It was the perfect temperature outside for it! We got lots of strawberries, came home, and chopped them up and put them in chocolate. Cause, what other way is there to eat them?

Yesterday we spent the afternoon creeking. Its literally been years since I was barefoot in a creek. I usually stay on the shore, or wear my creeking shoes...but I forgot them and it was SO FUN!

 This...this picture captures everything I love about living where we do. The freedom to run and play and be. It completely sums it up! hubbs and I had a DATE night. Seriously, its been ages. I never get to go to the  theater so he and I went to see Godzilla. It...was....AWESOME!!!! 
Today was more of an indoor day. Chores and such...loads and LOADS of laundry, cleaning the monkey's room...things like that...but we also found time for perler beads. Actually, we did some yesterday as well. We love perler beads in our house. It totally perpetuates our geeky mentalities. .

Geeky perler beads make me happy.

I hope that all of you had wonderful weekends with your families. Please remember the reason we had this extra day. It isn't just for barbecues and perler is to remember why we have these moments as a family...because others gave everything to ensure it was there for the taking. So, happy Memorial Day. 

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  1. Me and Adin had a talk, he wants to make Mario's and Luigi's. So the next time I have some spare money we are heading out to the craft store to pick up TONS of perler beads!!!