Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yes....its another Apron...

I NEEED frills. I do. Its sad, but true. I seriously wanted a frilly apron. While my son and I were yardsaling a few weeks back, we came across this lady's house and she was selling SO much vintage fabric. Of course, I stocked up. Wouldn't you? Sadly, I had to wait to complete my husband's apron before I could start my own.

I had a completely different vision for this apron and had to just abandon the first idea due to my lack of skills. After I got over my frustration I cut off the part that didn't work out and ended with this one. I love it. I took it with my to the Creating Keepsakes convention. It did its job well...and I got a couple of admiring glances to boot.

My goal was to make it a full apron, but I wanted a specific type of top and I botched it and ran out of fabric, resulting in my cutting the top part off entirely. I was angry...not just a little bit...but, after a few days I got over it and I love my apron again. 

Hope you enjoyed! I am off to play Mario Kart 64 with my son. Completely prepared to have my rump soundly kicked. Haha!

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