Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Guilty Pleasures

Watched that episode on Glee, recently. Loved the boy-friend arm. Haha. Gotta love Kurt.

So, to kick off our celebration of reaching THREE THOUSAND members of the Smash*aholics, I thought a guilty pleasure challenge would be just the thing. I could make an entire BOOK of guilty pleasures, but for this purpose, I stuck to one page.

For my guilty pleasures I chose to Smash* about, Glee, Thrifting and Castleville. I mean, that is not even the tip of the iceberg  but they are some of my tops.  Thrift shopping, being number one on that list. If I go more than 2 weeks without frequenting at least one thrift shop looking for books, then my head explodes....okay, not literally, but pretty darn near!

I used my nifty bubble wrap "stamp" to make the paint dots, and used a doily to create the purple pattern with paint on the left page. I am really learning to enjoy paint on my projects!!
Here is a close-up of my journaling. Journal card courtesy of a very dear friend of mine, Lizzie 
I hope this inspires you, and don't forget to enter Here your project for a chance to win this gorgeous smash*book! You have until April 30 to enter your project. Have fun!

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