Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Horsin' Around

So, as much as I LOVE smash*ing, I need to catch up with my scrapbooking. No, for realz....I have ONLY done my son's birthday page for this year. Today, I was taking it a little easy and decided to go ahead and do a page. It was one of those delightful, happy accidents where the page kind of builds itself and does what you envisioned. ::sigh:: I also made the world record smallest mess when I scrapped too. I swear. I think my things might finally be organized the right way for the first time in 10 years!

So, the page I decided on was from back in late Feb, I think, when I went to a horse farm to take some pictures for my in-laws. They have a neat horse accessory business called, "Heart My Horse". They have all kinds of fun shirts and jewelry for sale and have some other neat things in the works. 

Anyhow, my husband and son surprised us near the end of the shoot and popped over to visit. It was Noah's first time on a farm of this kind and he loved the barn and the horses. He has always been a natural with animals, so we weren't surprised that he fit right in. I took the opportunity to shoot my raggedy boy before we left, and this was one of the shots. I am also linking this page up to the "current issue" over at "Paper Issues". Love their page, love their stuffs!

I also smash*ed this last week, but I don't want to show you until its time for the challenges. Smash*aholics is coming up on a huge milestone....we are almost to 3 thousand members. Kellie Winnell has created probably, arguably, the most popular group on FB for Smash*ing fans. Its hoppin any time of the day or night with inspiration to spare! Once we hit our 3k mark, we will begin an entire week of celebrations! 

I also Smash*ed for our upcoming May challenge. Again, you hafta wait. Sorry. "Spoilers". 
I am, however, going to be a nerd and show you the spray paint I made today. FINALLY. I am so behind the curve....and I am also going to show you my bubble wrap stamp that I made. Cause, I love me some painted bubble wrap stampin. 

So for the paint splatter stuffs, I put paint (about an inch or a little better?) in the bottom of the bottles. I added alcohol until it was the thickness I thought I liked when it was shaken up. I sprayed to be sure. For this paper, I wiped off the excess and was left with a cool watery effect. ::shrug:: guess I will have fun playing!

Now, for this, I took a large, (at least 6 inches long) acrylic block and wrapped it in bubble wrap, and taped the seam. When I use it, I paint whatever color(s) I want, stamp until I am done, rinse with water and dry and I am ready for another round of stampin! I am kinda proud of myself. Haha. ::shakes head::

Hippie day (60s day) went well yesterday. Noah had a blast in his costume. Today was PJ day. Less exciting, but tomorrow is crazy hair day and we are ALL about some red dye and spikes! Stay tuned for photos! Woohoo!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week! Hope to be back soon with more crafty things! 

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