Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Smash*ing Summer!

Believe it or not, I have been crafting quite a bit. I just have had no time to sit and post, blog, or even really to take pictures in ages. Volunteering at my son's school, and keeping up with his schedule had taken up almost all of my time. Now, we are on day two of our official summer break, and I am trying just as hard to keep him busy. So far, we have bowled, skate boarded, picked strawberries and Noah has managed to squeeze legos into each day as well. (surprised, I am sure...) we are hoping to roller skate this week or next and I am looking into swim lessons for my little "sink like a rock" boy. He also spent the two previous days with Gammie and Grandpa kicking up his heels at the creek and at Circus World. BUSY boy!

For the last day of school, I found these adorable little class gifts all over pinterest so I had to make em and pass them out. We made ours yesterday. Forgot how much SUGAR goes into Kool Aid!!

Yesterday morning, I finally caught up with my 365 Smash*book so I thought I would share that here.

I have done other things, but I will save those for another day. I hope this post at least makes you smile and gives you a peek into the daily life of my family. Stay crafty!

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