Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smash*ing January

I am so happy! I have completed my January section in my 365 Smash* journal! It was so fun and I srsly am excited to start February!

This first one I posted already, but it is part of the January package. Just a spread of my hopes and plans for the new year.

This page is the saga of my husband and I being sick for WEEKS after Christmas. Ending with nasty pneumonia. Ugh. I am SO glad to be back on top. It was awful. 

This page is just about our weather and peaceful weather it has been....though, tonight we are supposed to get tornadoes. Not sure why its in the 70s in January in TN?!?

A fun page of my son and his cousins at a birthday party, and me and Noah goofing off while we were bowling! January has been FUN!

I am SO excited! We are finally painting our bedroom and covering the hideous terracotta color and replacing it with a cool, calm color. New curtains and a wall hanging too! WOO!!!!
This last page is about the circus we went to the other day. My son was enthralled with every part of the circus, and I was relieved at the lessened animal exploitation. It was an adventure and good memories!   
Hope you enjoyed my journey through January! 

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