Saturday, January 12, 2013


No really. I feel like I am wild or something. I have been sick for a week-and-a-half and am waiting for the pneumonia to clear up. I haven't crafted or done much of anything in ages. I am tired and want to move ON past January. DONE.

So, to show my defiance I managed to make my son's Valentines for school. Instead of taking Noah to the store with the overwhelming choices, we chose some off of Pinterest. Much more low key. My son has a hard time deciding on themes for things.

So I found Design Mom's Valentine post and Noah loved it. So I printed her free downloads and went to the store (before illness) and today I put them together. It was easy and I love that there is no sugar involved. I think other mom's might agree, hehe.
He had fun choosing which friend would get which animal. I think I will go the home-made route for valentines from now on. Its just....nice...its a lost art.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic January. If you are well, be sure to stay that way at all costs. 

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  1. What a cute idea.Only if I didnt have two classes and 20-22 kids in each class I would totally do this.Maybe I can look around and see what handmade idea I can find.Thanks for sharing

    Hope you are feeling better..HUGS!