Monday, February 4, 2013

And I just keep smash*n!

I have been so excited about my 365 Smash* journey for 2013. My ONLY issue is...I think the book will be standing open at a 90 degree angle when the year is over, but that just means it was a great year, imo!

So today I was able to stay up-to-date and get my smash* on for Feb. Okay...I might have another issue....not enough room. Like...they should make the next 365 the size of the purple pocket book so I can add EVERYTHING! Like project runway...and stuff like that...HAHA

Anywho, so I did Groundhog's Day. Someone posted the funny on the bottom of the page on FB and I had to use it cause, lets face it...we're all thinkin it. Its right up there with whistle pig wednesday. (which you would only understand if you were a mom that has watched that particular curious george episode...)
::shakes head:: Regardless, here it is! Snow and all! 

The second page, of course, is the super bowl! Woo! Quite the memorable evening, for sure! Can't believe the stuff that went down! And we had fun here at home, goofing off and eating scrummy food. 

Hope you have a fabulous week! I will be off looking for some awesome steals and deals tomorrow. Hope to find some fun scrap stuff buried in a consignment store somewhere! Wish me luck!

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  1. These are awesome, you smashed it out of the park!