Friday, December 7, 2012

Birthday Bash....take two!

So Noah's party, a word....AWESOME. It totally rawked. We set up in record time, and had almost an hour to kill. Once the party got rolling, though, it was amazing! Everything came together how I imagined.

Except for the photo booth. I didn't really think it through. It was way too small, and the light was bad. meh...the kids had fun, and that's what matters.

The treat bags were filled to the brim and the kids LOVED em! You can see the contents here

I got these awesome lego brick candles want to say Kroger, but it might have actually been Walmart. Noah spotted them. Not me, lol. the toppers were a printout that happened to be free. I found it on Pinterest. 

I wrapped tons of Juice boxes in paper and used them as decorations, and jars filled with larger legos. The lego man was in the freebie download I mentioned with the cupcakes.  
Of course, we had a lego build table, and honestly, it was the hit of the party. It was mobbed the entire time, and these kids were so good. Not one lego ended up on the floor. It was amazing. Seriously. 

The other super cool thing that we did was my husband made plaster lego men with our ice mold and attached magnets so that each child got to paint one to take home. We put them aside to dry  and then the picked them up on their way out. It was great!
This was our eating/food area. We used the jar centerpieces to weigh down the balloons. The banner you see on the wall over the green table was also a free printable that I found on pinterest. I cut it out and sewed it to a ribbon.  

The coloring station was fun too. Even the grown ups got in on that one. (see lego jail guy in bottom right of picture, lol) 
My wibbly wobbly pinata was a serious hit, no pun intended. I was terrified that it wouldn't bust open, but it did. The kids had a blast taking their hits. Later, Noah helped hold it.  
As you can see, the birthday boy enjoyed his super, duper party! I hope this inspired those of you thinking of having your own lego party. It wasn't terribly expensive, thanks to the free printables and the dollar tree. We ordered pizza, had veggies and fruit and drinks, and that was it for food. Nothing fancy, which is good...because the kids were more interested in playing than eating, me, says successful party.  


  1. what a amazing turn out i know i said it before..but I am a little worried about my photo booth cause im using the same tri fold board you used for yours..humm

    GOOD JOB GIRL you rock those parties

  2. Fabulous!! Yay for an awesome party!