Sunday, December 30, 2012

Merry Christmas!!! (Don't Blink!)

Its been awhile, but I was actually crafty during the Christmas Holiday. YAY! Christmas cookies, coloring, and more!

So, something that I love doing with my son every year is making snow flakes. I am not a pro like my DH, but its fun and creates warm, fuzzy memories; that's all that really matters to me. Noah got bored pretty quickly, but I sat and pinterested to find some ideas for Doctor WHO snowflakes, thanks to a suggestion by my lovely DH. I wasn't able to actually find patterns, but I was able to eyeball it and work it out.

They cyberman snowflake was wonky due to my lack of folding skills., a couple of cybermen were "deleted". You know....cause....that's what they do....
The Daleks worked a bit better. Not quite as wonky.   
Now, this one, I LOVE. Its the TARDIS and the angels...the angels have the blue box!! Due to folding, two of them look like Sonic Screwdrivers; I am thinking that was just providence instead of a mistake. ;)

Another FUN tradition is Christmas Sugar Cookies. DUH. Gotta decorate cookies! We had a blast this year. Even DH got in on the fun. Noah was a self proclaimed "cookie monster"
I even got to color with my kiddo! Didn't use my Copics .Used my son's new Crayola pencils. I think we both did a crack job! 

I dearly hope that you all had a Merry Christmas. This year, more than ever, I am so thankful for my little boy. I can't imagine the pain parents in CT are going through this year, but my heart goes out to them. Merry Christmas, and a hopeful new year to all!

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  1. HOW creative are you! I love them and especially the Dr Who themed one! Such amazing talent in your whole family it seems too! xx