Sunday, December 30, 2012

Scrappin the day away

Oh, my goodness. I am so entirely behind on my dear son's scrapbook for this last year. I stopped in may. MAY! Its almost 2013!!!! ::hangs head in shame::

Today, I finally "moved" back into the dining room and re-opened my closet and got my crafty on.

My Noah is really into scrapping and today, after a day shopping and bowling, he wanted to scrap while I did. He says its a Smash* book, NOT a scrapbook. I love my kid. I will have to photograph some of his other pages. He is so sweet. 

I managed to scrap 4 pages today. 2 of them I plan to go back and add some sewing to, but my sewing machine just made it back into my "crafty closet", so I will work on that tomorrow. 

I have to say, it was tough getting started, but by the last two here, the ideas were just pouring out. I wanted to keep going and finish, but I am so far behind who knows if I could anyhow, haha! Hope you enjoy!! 

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