Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lego my party!

Finally on the home stretch before Noah's 6th birthday party. This has been so much easier to do than last year's Angry Birds party. Can we talk about how frustrating it was to have to fabricate literally everything last year and then to see this year every kind of party supply you can imagine including pinatas? So frustrating. Should have waited a year. ::sigh::

Since we didn't, I suppose I should move on and stop being angry about it....

So this year, Noah is soooo into Legos. He is above and beyond amazing at building any and all age range of Lego sets, and has an amazing imagination and can build some amazing things on his own.

So after scouring the internet for days and days, I decided to go ahead and make most of the party supplies myself this year. Most of the things they sell are specifically for Lego City or Lego Star Wars. I wanted more of a generic, Lego Theme. So, create I have.

I found lots of neat things on Pinterest that were free printables and that was a big help. I was able to print these masks:

Of course, I had to cut them out and assemble them, but what's a little hand cramp? lol 

I also found these printables for the centerpieces and cupcake toppers. 

So I wanted cool treat bags, and after I bought the Lego Party boxes and realized that the only things in the box were the invites, thank you cards and the Lego men (which, IS pretty awesome) I decided I needed to make bags, and I wanted them to be unique and fun. So, I went to the dollar tree and bought 2 packs of yellow bags and drew a different Lego guy face on each one. 
For the insides, there are SO many cool treats. I am kinda jealous, honestly. So, at World Market I found "bulding bricks" candy, that seriously tastes and smells amazing. Years ago I won a Lego scrap-booking set and I have been hoarding it like a good little papercrafter for just this moment, so I was able to make little toppers for the bags of candy. 

I also spent a day and a half preparing for and making Lego Man crayons with the Lego Man ice mold we got from the Lego store. 
Also, from the lego box party sets we have these super cool birthday lego men. Srsly awesome. 
My husband graciously printed, cut and stapled these coloring books that can be used with the crayons. This was another free printable that I found. The only stickers we were able to find with more than one sheet to a pack were Lego Star Wars, which suits us fine. Noah was introduced to Star Wars this summer and loves it. 
I am a HUGE fan of photo booths at parties. I srsly love it. I used wrapping paper and a school project board to make the backdrop. Then I made the props. 
My dear, darling husband spent several evenings making plaster lego guys so the kids can paint them and take them home. He attached strong magnets to the back. Its going to be a fun, messy project. 

Theses are the name tags that came with the box party set. I am writing the child's name on them as I get the R.S.V.P. Not sure if the kids will use them? But they are there. They are sturdy plastic, not paper, so they can be kept for awhile.  

I made a pinata. Whether or not it will actually bust apart remains to be seen. One of the Lego circles is completely off base. As my husband lovingly pointed out, its going to be bashed in, so who cares??? I used the box that my husband's amazing R2 D2 robot box. I kind of punched some perforations in a few areas of the corners just in case it was too thick. It really IS a thick, sturdy box. I cut a Quaker grits container into 4 circles. I used red wrapping paper and crepe paper to cover the circles. The box is covered with 2 layers of crepe paper and I attached those layers with hot glue. Got an awesome blister on one of my fingers too. Love to hate hot glue, lol. The box is filled with 2 bags of pinata goodies that I found at Walmart. Candy, gum and plastic toys. 
There will also be a coloring table. Cause that's how I roll. 
And a guess how many jar. There are different sizes and shapes in the jar to make guessing more challenging. The prize is going to be a mystery figurine. 
I hope you enjoy this preview and for those thinking of having a lego party, I hope it gave you some inspiration. Here is the link to my pinterest board as well. I will be posting these things there, and there are links to printables and different neat ideas that I decided not to use because of time. Thanks for checking it out!!


  1. simply amazing!You and your hubby did a great job!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Awesome tips and ideas.