Saturday, November 3, 2012

He was a sk8ter boy...

I love it. I love being mom to a kid that skates, rides a two wheeler and is dying to learn to use roller blades. Its so fun! I honestly thought, before I was a mom, that I wouldn't be able to handle (nerve-wise) having an active boy, but quiet the opposite is true. It makes me smile to see him try new things and be adventurous. And he is usually extremely smart about it as well. He rarely takes unnecessary risks.

So, without further ado, the one page I was able to complete today:

I apologize for the lack of photo quality. Its a phone pic. But it does it okay justice. I used tulle and white and black ink to add some texture to the letters, flags and the sentiment. It was fun. A little tearing, and a little sewing, and it was finished. My goal in my pages is to embellish the pictures. Not to overpower them. I wish I could be all flowery like some of the beautiful pages I see, but now that I am further into my crafting I have decided that having my own style is a good thing. I hope you enjoy!

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