Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Yes, I am aware that its still almost a month away. However, my son has a Thanksgiving party next Friday and they are invited to dress up as a Pilgrim or an Indian. Of course, Noah wants to be an indian and since he outgrew his kinda tacky outfit that I made for him last year (he grew FOUR inches PLUS this last year?!?!) I made him a new one with all of my new fancy sewing skillz. Yes. I have skillz. I used all reclaimed fabrics from different places and trim that was shared with me last year. The fringe is remnant minky fabric from walmart.  After several hours of cutting and sewing, it was finished...and low and behold, when Noah tried it on....it FIT!

So, happy over eating, family fun, parade/football day!!! Yay Merica!


  1. Cute. You do have mad sewing skills.

  2. I agree with toothy mad sewing skills im jelous!! Good job girl!