Friday, June 8, 2012

Sew Wonderful

So, I made these a week ago and have just managed the finishing touches. I also managed to break my super expensive camera back to the Cannon until we can get the Nikon fixed...but its a battery eater to be sure, so these pics aren't what I was hoping for.

ANYhow. I have a beautiful friend that came into my life about 6 months ago and she has lifted me and it has been so, so fun getting to know her, though, she and I are those friends that kinda must have known each other in a past life, or were just kindred spirits. I don't know, but I DO know that her birthday is a week after mine, and I wanted to make her something fun and useful. She is a fantastic baker/cook, and is always acquiring new recipes. She saw this apron a couple weeks ago and begged me to make her one too, so we picked out fabric and this is what I came up with.
Stylish and functional. That's how I roll. I recently saw a post on pinterest that had this wonderful apron with a towel holder on it so I  used that idea. She is very "green" and owns basically NO paper towels, so I think that she will definitely appreciate this aspect of the apron.

I also wanted to make her a fun bag. She loves purses and reusable bags. This was originally going to be a roll up shopping tote, but it kinda turned into a purse...due to lack of knowledge of sewing....and don't even mention the corduroy. NO clue why I always think these thick fabrics are going to work. ::shrug:: She loves orange and I have had this fabric for ages.
It DOES roll up, though. So....PART of the original function is there.

I also made her this cook-book. Due to her ever growing recipe collection.

Hope you enjoy this spot of color in your day! Hope to be back with something paper in a day or so. Splitting headache and lack of motivation. ::sigh:: Have a great Friday! (or...Saturday for my friends down under)

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